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Challenge your student to become ¿occupationally Iiterate¿

Challenge your student to become “occupationally

Ask: “Do you have any ideas about what you might want to do when you graduate?”

If your student seems unsure, you can talk about personal qualities you see as talents and strengths. You can also recommend:

• Taking a “self-assessment inventory,” such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator [or the Strong
Interest Inventory] at the career center,
• Talking to favorite faculty members,
• Researching a variety of interesting career fields and employers.

A career decision should be a process and not a onetime, last-minute event: Discourage putting this decision off until the senior year.

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A Parents’ Guide to Career Development
By Thomas J. Denham
Reprinted from JobWeb (www.jobweb.com) with permission of the
National Association of Colleges and Employers, copyright holder.