Corporate Partners Program

Since 1986, The Jack C. Massey Graduate School of Business at Belmont University has helped middle Tennessee’s working professionals advance their careers by earning advanced degrees in business administration. Mr. Massey’s ultimate vision was to help Nashville become the center of business and commerce for the Southeastern United States, and he believed the business acumen and skills of Nashville's leaders would need to continue to advance just as the city’s business landscape continued to grow and evolve.

The Massey School now offers a total of three distinct MBA programs: an evening part-time MBA for experienced working professionals, a full-time accelerated MBA for individuals about to begin their careers and a part-time healthcare MBA for experienced healthcare professionals. Each program is designed with Mr. Massey’s original vision in mind: increasing Nashville's managerial and leadership talent base. The Massey School now includes over 2,300 graduates in its alumni network.

For approved organizations, the Corporate Partners Program matches the tuition assistance offered to employees enrolled in Massey's MBA programs. This match is up to 25% of the total tuition charged to a student in an MBA program and designed to make a degree more affordable for individuals who work in organizations that are Corporate Partners Program members.

Massey’s Corporate Partners Program allows talented employees to earn an MBA while reducing the total out-of-pocket tuition costs. A sample tuition payment distribution in the current (2017-18) Professional MBA program, $56,650 total cost, is shown in the table below.

Sample MBA Tuition Shares Across Learning Participants - Corporate Partners Program1

(for a student enrolling Fall 2017 and Graduating Summer 2019)2

Sample MBA Tuition Shares Across Learning Participants


Massey August 2016 Graduating Class
                             Massey's August 2016 Graduating Class

The Massey School works closely with each of its corporate partners to assure a seamless accounting and billing system for each student. And the School also tracks the success of each employer’s participants so that partner organizations can assess the impact of tuition benefit expenditures. To learn more about the Massey School and its graduate business offerings, go to or call (615) 460-6480 to learn how to attend an upcoming information session at Belmont.

  1. On average, tuition increases at ~4% per year; figures are therefore estimates and subject to normal inflation.

  2. Figures include all tuition over the normal two-year completion window, as well as the airfare, lodging and business/cultural activities on the required short-term international study-abroad experience.)