GMAT Course Registration and Payment Options

"One of the most intimidating prerequisites for entering MBA school is sitting for the GMAT exam.  There are numerous prep books and training aids devoted to passing the GMAT.  While some of these aids are great for course background, many lack the reasoning for solving the questions correctly.   In the GMAT Prep Course, Mr. Stelling helps students understand the reasoning behind the test questions and provides the students with a series of problem solving tactics which can be applied to each question on the exam.   Mr. Stelling has a proven track record of success on the GMAT and he uses his knowledge to help the students succeed through an interactive, classroom-based, learning experience.  I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is considering taking the GMAT."  David R. McCulloch, MBA Alumnus


The fee for Belmont's GMAT Strategies course, is $600. If you have submitted an application (and a $50.00 application fee) to The Massey Graduate School of Business at the time you register, the cost is $475. The fee for the Mathematics Foundation course is $140.  Payment may be mailed to The Massey School along with registration form.

Terms and Conditions

All payments must be received five business days before the class begins or the student will not be guaranteed a slot in the class. Prices are subject to change without notice. Courses with insufficient enrollment will be canceled. Students canceling prior to start date will be charged a $50 refund fee. Students canceling on or after the start date will not receive a refund, but may reschedule.

To register for the GMAT Strategies course and/or the GMAT Foundations of Math, click  here

Enrollment in the GMAT Foundations of Mathematics and/or the GMAT Strategies will be completed upon receipt of payment.  Payment can be made by check or credit card.  All sessions will meet in the Massey Business Center.

For questions regarding enrollment or payment, contact The Massey Graduate School of Business Office: 615-460-6171 or

"Mr. Stelling gives great practical advice for preparing for the exam, as well as taking it.  The class is intense but sets up a framework to move through the different parts of the exam in a comprehensive manner.  The most helpful part of the class was taking sections of the test and reviewing them together.  I have been out of school for over ten years, so I had a lot of work to do to remember things I have not thought about in a long time.  Mr. Stelling's course provides a process for that, and in the end, I believe I did better on the GMAT for having taken the course."  Sarah Hagovsky, MBA Candidate