Summer Business Institute (SBI)

The Summer Business Institute (SBI) is designed for students admitted to an Massey MBA program but who lack the necessary foundational undergraduate business courses because they pursued a non-business course of study during their undergraduate programs.  The SBI “business boot-camp” offers such individuals the opportunity to fast-track into any of Belmont’s MBA programs by completing their prerequisite course work in a convenient, part-time 10-week summer format.  Most SBI students complete this highly innovative prep program in the summer immediately preceding the start of their Massey MBA course work. 

The 2018 Summer Business Institute begins Saturday, May 19.  See sample schedule below. 

• Face-to-face instruction begins the third Saturday in May and continues through early August (approximately 10 weeks), with all classes taught by the award-winning Massey MBA faculty.
• Class sessions are fast-paced, highly interactive and designed to arm participants with the most relevant business concepts necessary for success as they begin their MBA studies.
• Classes are designed to meet the schedules of working professionals and are held on Tuesday & Thursday evenings (6:15 – 9:00 p.m.) & Saturdays (9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.).
• Annual admission to SBI is set at 25 students in order to assure personalized instruction.

Time Frame


Sample Topics


Week 1

Face-to-face and highly interactive







    Intro to Microsoft Excel
    [Saturday lunch with Massey faculty]

Dr. Joe Alexander

Dr. Gary Garrison

Weeks 2-3

Financial Accounting
    Managerial Accounting 

Dr. Marilyn Young

Weeks 4-5


Dr. Howard Cochran

Weeks 6-7

Business Math Concepts
Business Statistics
Process Mgmt. Introduction

Dr. David Wyant

Weeks 8-9

Accounting System - Financial Statements

Dr. Marilyn Young

Weeks 9-10

Financial Management

Dr. Sehyun Yoo

Week 10

MBA Foundations
Organizational Behavior
Marketing Management
Strategic Management 

Dr. Joe Alexander

Dr. Francis Daniel

Dr. Amy Crook


Why Choose Belmont’s SBI/MBA Combination

• Only such AACSB-accredited program of its kind in the Middle Tennessee Region that combines a work-friendly, fast-track approach to preparing non-business majors for a high-quality MBA program.
• Some prerequisite MBA sequences can take an individual more than a year to complete before students are allowed to enroll in actual MBA courses; the core of the SBI is completed in approximately 10 weeks.
• The SBI is more than just a canned on-line preparation program of undergraduate business content; available SBI time is spent focusing specifically on those foundational business concepts needed to excel in a high-quality MBA program.
• The heavily discounted tuition for SBI’s comprehensive 10 graduate-level credits compares very favorably to enrolling in the comparable individual courses through an undergraduate institution.
• The SBI program is taught by the same highly-qualified faculty who teach in Belmont Massey’s highly-ranked MBA and Masters of Accountancy programs.


Summer Business Institute Students

SBI 2016 - 1st day of class



Summer Business Institute (SBI) Admission

Applicants who require the SBI should be enrolled by the final summer application deadline to avoid late registration and a delay in access to online course materials.

(i.e., Accelerated MBA, Professional MBA or Healthcare MBA)

Admission decisions to these programs are based on a combined review of an applicant’s previous academic record, GMAT or GRE score, personal essay and letters of recommendation, in addition to a personal interview with the program administrator.  Based on available capacity for the next summer enrollment period, students are then allowed to choose whether to use the SBI program to complete their remaining course prerequisites or to pursue completion through one or more other undergraduate institutions.

Note:  The Summer Business Institute is a prerequisite sequence to the MBA and not listed on Belmont’s Graduate Application.  Prospective students apply to the MBA program for the summer semester and register for the SBI once admitted.

For non-business students interested in pursuing an MBA through The Massey Graduate School of Business at Belmont University, the Summer Business Institute affords them an outstanding opportunity to begin their MBA course work without the typical delays of a year or more.

SBI students must first be admitted to one of The Massey School’s existing MBA programs.