The Massey Passport Program

The Massey Passport program allows Massey alumni to return to campus FOR FREE and attend additional Massey graduate courses that they were unable to take during their earlier degree programs.  We offer this as our way of continuing to invest in those alumni who have already invested in our program.  We also recognize that our best source of new student referrals comes from our highly satisfied alumni.

After graduation, alumni are encouraged to stay in touch with The Massey School and to periodically review current program offerings.  Each year, The Massey School revises existing courses and adds new electives.  When alumni identify an attractive course offering and time slot they would like to attend, they simply contact the Massey Graduate School Office (615-460-6373) to indicate an interest.  Alumni slots are awarded on a space available and first-come, first-served basis.  In Spring 2009, 16 alumni took advantage of this opportunity to take a business mediation course that allowed them to earn status as a Rule 31 Certified Mediator by the Tennessee State Supreme Court.

For more information or to register for a course, contact Melissa Mitchell.