The Massey Distinguished Alumni Award

The Massey Distinguished Alumni Award honors Massey alumni who display a balance of strengths in the areas of professional achievement, community involvement, and commitment to The Massey School.  The award is an annual recognition. 


Ann Hatcher - 2013

(L to R: Dr. Pat Raines, Dean, Ann Hatcher, alumnus Jason Whitman, and Dr. Joe Alexander, Associate Dean)

Helen_Lane Jim Stefansic

Helen Lane - 2012

(L to R: Alumna Courtney Hensley, Helen Lane and Dr. Pat Raines, Dean)

Jim Stefansic- 2011

(L to R:  Dr. Pat Raines, Dean and Jim Stefansic)

Damon Hininger Nancy Leach

Damon Hininger - 2010

(L to R: Dr. Pat Raines, Dean, alumna Londa Morgan, Damon Hininger and alumna Courtney Hensley)

Nancy Leach - 2009

(Dr. Pat Raines, Dean and Nancy Leach)

Charles Hagood Richard Treadway

Charles Hagood - 2008

(L to R:  Dr. Pat Raines, Dean, Charles Hagood and Mrs. Barbara Masssey Rogers)

Dr. Richard Treadway - 2007