Continuing Education Opportunities

Keeping your business knowledge current requires diligence. To help protect your investment in an MBA or MACC, The Massey School has created a program designed to keep you up-to-date with the latest ideas in the business world.

The Massey Passport Program

In order to stay on the cutting edge in your field, you need to continually update your skills. As an alum, you can audit any Massey class for FREE as a Massey alumnus. In only five or 10 weeks, you can attend an entire course and add significantly to your knowledge and skill base.

To reserve your seat in an upcoming class, call Melissa Mitchell at (615) 460-6373.

Deb Smith, MBA '90, chose to participate in the Massey Passport program, enrolling in Decision Making and Negotiating Skills, as well as Leadership & Ethics.Ms. Smith says, 'It allows me to update previous learning, develop new skills and knowledge, and explore areas of future interest."

Contact Melissa ( for a current class schedule.