About Jack C. Massey

Photo of Jack C. Massey Jack C. Massey (1904-1990) began his entrepreneurial career as a retail druggist in 1930, after graduating with a degree in pharmacy from the University of Florida. His business expanded into a multi-city wholesale surgical supply operation, which was subsequently purchased by the A.S. Aloe Division of the Brunswick Corporation in 1961. Instead of retiring, Mr. Massey would proceed to secure a place in history as an American business legend. Mr. Massey became the first person in the history of the New York Stock Exchange to take three unrelated companies from private to public with listings on the 'big board.'  He was a founder of the Hospital Corporation of America and served as Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive.

Officer, Chairman of the Executive Committee and a member of the Board of Directors.  Mr. Massey was also known as the principal who purchased Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation and directed its growth to one of the world's largest commercial marketers of prepared foods. He was also founder of Winner's Corporation.

Mr. Massey's interests were wide and varied.  He served on the boards of several corporations and was actively involved in civic and non-profit affairs. His generosity to Belmont University is evidenced in many ways, including his generous donation to help Belmont build Massey Auditorium. He made another substantial gift to Belmont to help build 'a business school of national reputation.' In 1986, the Board of Trustees fittingly named the graduate school of business in his honor.