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Graduate Courses

Upon acceptance to The Jack C. Massey Graduate School of Business, students will pursue a general management curriculum or complete one of seven elective tracks. Students electing the entrepreneurship track will have the opportunity to enroll in several of the courses below.

The Entrepreneurial Challenge (ETP 6500)
Explores the contemporary view of entrepreneurship as a method of management applicable in enterprises of all sizes and stages of development. Within this view, entrepreneurs are made, not born, as they develop different strategic orientations, different patterns of commitment to opportunity and differing perspectives on resource control, management structure, and compensation/reward policy. This orientation may be summarized as being more nimble with a persistent emphasis upon innovation. Completion of an entrepreneurship project is an integral part of the course.

Opportunity Assessment (ETP 6600)
This course is designed to cultivate an understanding of the various processes involved in evaluating opportunities for enterprises. Students will work toward developing an understanding of how personal interest, strategy, marketing, financing, and legal matters impact opportunities in terms of perception, execution, and growth. A key goal will be to empower students to further their understanding of how to position a new venture for success. Completion of an opportunity assessment project is an integral part of this course. Pre-requisite: ETP 6500. 

Strategy for New Enterprise and Innovation (ETP 6650)
Designed to cultivate an understanding of the processes involved in developing strategy for new enterprise and innovation in economic environments that are increasingly fast paced, rapidly changing, and highly uncertain. Students will explore how an entrepreneurial mind-set can be used to create a richly stocked opportunity to register by identifying new sources of differentiation, ways to reconfigure market spaces or re-segment existing markets, mobilize innovative ideas for redesigning existing products, seize on the potential created by design breakthroughs, and develop a dynamic portfolio of strategic business options to move a venture, whether new or existing, towards an increasingly profitable and sustainable future. Individuals who are responsible for, or play a role in, technical innovation and business development within existing organizations should find this course equally helpful to those launching new ventures. Pre-requisite: ETP 6500.

New Venture Financial Management (ETP 6700)
We plan to offer this elective once every two years in the fall ten week session. Pre-requisite: ETP 6500.

The Entrepreneur: Driver of Social, Cultural, and Economic Transformations (ETP 6750)
Entrepreneurship is a major driving force behind social, cultural, and economic transformations around the globe. This course examines the public policy and moral implications that underlie these transformational forces. Pre-requisite: ETP 6500.

Venture Planning (ETP 6800)
Venture Planning examines the process of planning a successful launch and development of an entrepreneurial venture. Students in this class will work actual business ventures they intend to launch or that they are already operating. Completion of a fully developed business plan for the student ventures is the major outcome of this course. Pre-requisite: ETP 6500. 

Managing a Growing Venture (ETP 6850)
For entrepreneurs and managers in growing entrepreneurial businesses to effectively manage the growth of a business they must be prepared to move their business successfully through key transitions that include managing strained resources, improving core management systems, bringing in new talent and building a team, and enhancing the operating infrastructure of the company. The owner also begins a transition into very different roles. This course is designed to provide the student with the knowledge and tools to help make growth transitions easier and more effective. It is relevant for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, managers and executives in growing entrepreneurial ventures, and those who consult with growing companies. Students will conduct a consulting project using material learned in class on a local growing company as the major project for the class. Pre-requisite: ETP 6500.  

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