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Contact Information

Dean of the Jack C. Massey College of Business Dr. J. Patrick Raines
phone: (615) 460-6175

Assistant to the Dean of the Jack C. Massey College of Business Krista Boonstra
phone: (615) 460-6175

Jack C. Massey College of Business Financial Officer
Susan M. Hopfensperger
phone: (615) 460-5526

Director of Career Planning and Placement
Lori LeBleu
phone: (615) 460-6217

Career Development and Internship Coordinator
Chris Agans
phone: (615) 460-6947

Director of Development and Major Gifts
Willie Young

phone: (615) 460-6179

Director of External Relations & Executive Learning Networks Jill Robinson

phone: (615) 460-5560

Center for Entrepreneurship/
Center for Business Ethics

Program Coordinator
phone: (615) 460-6601


Center for International Business 

Director Dr. Jeff Overby
phone: (615) 460-6947

Undergraduate School of Business Administration

Associate Dean Dr. Grady S. (Stan) York
phone: (615) 460-5524

Program Assistant/Office Manager
Linda Jenkins
phone: (615) 460-6784

Undergraduate Program Director for Advising
Misty Wims
phone: (615) 460-6873

Recruiting and Co-curricular Program Coordinator
Amy Southard
phone: (615) 460-6920

Coordinator of Professional BBA Programs
Cayce Elliott
phone: (615) 460-6482


The Jack C. Massey Graduate School of Business

Associate Dean
Dr. Joe Alexander
phone: (615) 460-6480

Admissions Assistant (Prospective Students)
Tonya Hollin
(615) 460-6480

Student Services (Current Students)
Melissa Mitchell
(615) 460-6373


The Center for Executive Education

Client Services Manager Chelsea Swindle
phone: (615) 460-6546  

Client Services Coordinator Bobbie Jo Beach
phone: (615) 460-5554  

Lead Instructor and Curriculum Developer Melanie Adams
phone: (615) 460-6458