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Careers in Research

Research positions are for those interested in fields such as public policy, politics or international affairs. The focus of the job is on writing papers and examining theoretical positions, all in the effort to gain new knowledge and understanding. Many research centers or "think tanks" can be based in the United states or world wide and look at international issues such as development, world peace, and arms control.

General Resources
  • Political think tank resources
  • International relations think tanks in the United States and abroad
  • World think tank directory
  • IFES has a very useful website with links to allied organizations dealing with human rights, international development, government agencies, research and think tanks, and more.
  • Directory of development organizations worldwide including: international organizations, government ministries, private sector institutions, development agencies, universities, research and training institutes, NGOs/PDOs, grant makers, banks, microfinance institutions, and development consulting firms working to promote private sector development and poverty reduction. Searchable by geographical region and specific country.
  • The Foundation Center has an online database of over 70,000 private and public foundations in the United States that you can search by keywords or location
  • The Conference Board
  • Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs
  • Council on Foreign Relations, New York
  • Foreign Policy Association
  • Institute for East West Studies
  • National Bureau of Economic Research
  • Twentieth Century Fund
  • United Nations Association of the USA
  • Word Policy Institute