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Massey International Consultancy

The M.I.C. is a required for-credit course for completion of the MBA International Concentration. The course is intended to offer professional quality consulting services to a host of worldwide clients and an experiential learning opportunity for students. Consulting projects are carried out by self-managed teams of students working under the supervision of a Belmont University faculty advisor and a corporate sponsor with extensive project management experience. All projects include an immersive, full-time fieldwork component, typically outside of the U.S. As students strengthen their consulting and project management skills, they also learn to successfully navigate new business environments and cultures - a prerequisite for success in a globalized economy.


Phase 1: Project Definition, Phase 2: Project Analysis, Phase 3: Project Recommendations

Here are some quotes from past student participants:

“My experience in China has ignited my aspirations to work internationally after graduation. The experience gave me a broader perspective of international business as I was able to learn many things from the Chinese culture. The most significant takeaway, among others, was that the Chinese population moves with a purpose – whether to school, work or elsewhere – reminding me of the importance of finding purpose in all areas of life.”  - 2015 Participant

“The practicum gave me a crash course in project management and in managing task focused relationships among team members and client managers. This was the first time I was part of a team that was in charge of a large real world project like this. Our team had to learn to adapt quickly to changes in the demands of our client, which I think we did very well.”2016 Participant

“This is about as close as you can get to actually working full time for an international company and the lessons and skills that I have walked away with are priceless.” - 2016 Participant

“I now look forward to working with many different groups of people in the future. It has been a little intimidating in the past because I did not have a lot of international experience. I now feel accomplished because I was able to help this organization bridge a huge gap and grow personally at the same time. This experience was a good reminder to keep my own assumptions and arrogances in check. I feel compelled to be as relationship-oriented and giving as the Filipino people. I am forever changed by the lessons I learned in the Philippines.” - 2017 Participant