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Center Activities

Events planned by the Edward C. Kennedy Center for Business Ethics at Belmont University are often open to the public. Though reservations may not be required, seating is often limited. We encourage you to register if you plan to attend. 

Past speakers have included 'best selling' authors, religious leaders, a Nobel laureate, Fortune 500 CEOs, and several US House of Representatives (TN and TX). Richard K. Davis, Chairman of US Bank, visited the campus and spoke with both students, faculty and local area bankers about the importance of creating an ethical environment in the workplace. Walt Pavlo, former executive at a telecom business, shared his story of corporate fraud and the penalty he paid for his unethical conduct. John Seigenthaler, founder of the First Amendment Center and special assistant to Attorney General Robert Kennedy, and his journalist son (NBC Nightly News), John Seigenthaler, Jr. shared their thoughts about the role the media has in conducting responsible journalism in the elections. Dr. Lynn Sharpe Paine, author of "Value Shift", Dennis Bakke, author of  "Joy at Work", David Callahan, author of "The Cheating Culture", Harry Markopolos, author of "No One Would Listen", (the uncovering of the Bernie Madaoff Ponzi scandal), Cynthia Cooper, author of "Extraordinary Circumstances: The Journey of a Corporate Whistleblower (World Com) and Dr. Bruce White, author of "Drugs, Ethics and Quality of Life" are among a number of speakers who have visited the campus to share their views and experiences.

In 2013 the first program in a series called "Integrity in Sports" featured a panel of nationally recognized college basketball coaches (Rick Byrd, Kevin Stallings and Brad Stevens) and ESPN sports analyst Jimmy Dykes who addressed the pressures of creating an environment of integrity in the highly competitive world of major college basketball. This event was videoed and replayed on television and the Associated Press released nationally an article about the program in over 40 major newspapers.

The Center for Business Ethics is proud to present the "Harry N. Hollis Student of Integrity Award."  Dr. Harry Hollis began his teaching career at Belmont  in 1990. Over and above his teaching responsibilities, Harry co-founded and served as the Director of the Center for Business Ethics from 1994 to 2009. Through the speakers he brought to campus and his passion to serve, Dr. Hollis nurtured Belmont University to lead the discussion about the role of ethics in the business community and reinforced the importance of integrity to our students.