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Belmont University | Belief in Something Greater

Moench Entrepreneurship Lecture Series

The Moench Entrepreneurship Lecture Series has been generously funded by gifts from the late Ernest J. Moench and his wife, Anna.

Past Events Have included:

Marc Randolph: "How to get Your Company Thinking Like a Start-Up"(Pictured Above)

Marc Randolph is a veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur, advisor and investor spoke on campus in November of 2015. Marc was co-founder of the online movie and television streaming service Netflix, serving as their founding CEO, as the executive producer of their web site, and as a member of their board of directors. Although best known for starting Netflix, Marc's career as an entrepreneur spans more than four decades. He's been a founder of more than half a dozen other successful start-ups, a mentor to scores of early stage entrepreneurs, and an investor in numerous successful tech ventures.

Joe Keeley

Dorm Room Entrepreneurship 

What do Michael Dell, Mark Zuckerberg and Joe Keeley all have in common? They all started their businesses out of their dorm room! Joe Keeley, young entrepreneur, speaker and founder of the national franchise brand College Nannies & Tutors, visited campus to speak about his experience of starting a multi-million dollar franchise brand from his dorm room in college!

Barry Moltz

Barry Moltz

Barry Moltz has founded and run small businesses with a great deal of success and failure for more than 15 years. After successfully selling his last operating business, Barry branched out into a number of entrepreneurship-related activities. He founded an angel investor group, an angel fund, and is a former advisory member of the board of the Angel Capital Education Foundation.  Moltz is a nationally recognized expert on entrepreneurship. He was appointed by the Illinois Governor in 2005 to serve on the board of the Institute for Entrepreneurship Education (IIEE) and was elected to the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame in 2004.


Father Sirico: "A Moral Analysis of the Economic Crisis"

During his visit to Belmont, Father Sirico discussed some of the key cultural factors essential to a robust economy, including rule of law, trust, and a worldview that encourages rather than undermines these things.  Father Sirico is president of the Acton Institute, whose purpose is "integrating Judeo-Christian truths with free market principles."

Erik Wesner

Erik Wesner, author of "Success Made Simple"

"Business can be discouraging. According to US Department of Labor figures, only 44 percent of newly-opened firms will last four years. Amish firms, on the other hand, have registered a 95% survival rate over a five-year period. And in many cases, those businesses do remarkably well-as Donald Kraybill writes: 'the phrase 'Amish millionaire' is no longer an oxymoron.' Success Made Simple is the first practical book of Amish business success principles for the non-Amish reader. The work provides a platform of transferable principles--simple and universal enough to be applied in the non-Amish world, in a wide variety of business and management settings."