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About Us

Recognized for excellence, Belmont's Center for Entrepreneurship is designed to prepare students who believe that they will want to pursue an entrepreneurial career. Entrepreneurs and small business owners are responsible for 77 percent of new jobs created in the past 20 years, and studies have shown that right after college is an excellent time in the lives of new graduates to begin an entrepreneurial career path. A variety of options are available to students interested in making the most of their entrepreneurial education.


The Entrepreneurship undergraduate program has five main objectives that serve as the heart of its program and that are taught to all entrepreneurship students, no matter what track they are taking for their entrepreneurial education.

  • Ethics and values- In addition to exploring issues of business ethics that relate to small business and entrepreneurship, students will examine their own personal values and aspirations to help guide their entrepreneurial careers.
  • Knowing the numbers- Entrepreneurs must be intimately familiar with the financial health of their businesses, particularly in regard to cash flow and other limited resource management and forecasting.
  • Business Model- Students will be expected to develop a full understanding of how to create and utilize a business model and transform it into a fundable business plan.
  • Opportunity scanning and recognition- Students must understand how to identify and evaluate potential opportunities in the marketplace.
  • Managing growth in entrepreneurial companies- Students will learn the unique set of skills necessary to guide a company through its most perilous time period: rapid growth.