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Student Organizations

*see the Biology Dept. Calendar page for club meeting dates and club activities

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Beta Beta Beta Biological Honorary Society

The Beta Beta Beta (Tri-Beta) Biological Honor Society is a society for students that are dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biology.  The Mu Theta Chapter of Tri-Beta at Belmont University was established April 9, 1988.  Since then the membership has promoted the study of biology through various activities such as presentations, fun field trips, trips to scientific meetings and social events for students. Tri-Beta provides leadership opportunities for students, informs them about current developments in biology and helps them prepare for employment. Dr. Steve Murphree serves as the faculty advisor for this organization.  Find Tri-Beta on Facebook!


Regular Membership:

  • Must be a Biology major or minor
  • Second semester sophomore OR transfer student with at least one semester at BU
  • At least 3 Biology courses completed (not including BIO 1110/1120) 
  • Required 3.0 GPA in Biology courses and 2.8 GPA overall
  • $50.00 due at the time of application

 Don’t meet the above criteria?  That’s okay!

Associate Membership:

  • Open to all Belmont students with an interest in biology 
  • $40.00 due at the time of application
  • Easily upgrade to Regular Membership for $10 after meeting the requirements   

2016-2017 Tri-Beta Club Officers
  President -- Prisha Patel
     Vice-President -- Martena Ibrahim
     Secretary -- Benya Paueksakon
     Treasurer -- Priyanka Kuman
     Historian -- Ryan Fox

Beta Chi

This student organization's purpose is to promote research in the area of biochemistry and molecular biology through seminars and laboratory opportunities, while providing a social setting for networking and volunteering.  Dr. Rachel Rigsby serves as the faculty advisor for this organization.

2016-2017 BETA CHI CLUB OFFICERSbeta chi

President -- Sarah Maxwell
Vice-President -- Prisha Patel
Secretary -- Mary Barber
Treasurer -- Morgan McCauley
Community Outreach -- Libby Ligon

Environment and Conservation Organization (ECO)

Formerly O.N.E., Belmont's Environmental Club, provides interaction with students across campus who are interested in environmental issues. Activities include river clean-ups, exotic plant removals, Earth Day awareness events, nature hikes and environmentally-focused guest speakers. Dr. Darlene Panvini is the faculty advisor for ECO.

Belmont's ECO is on Facebook Find us there to get more information on events throughout the year.

2016-2017 ECO Club Officers:

President -- Krystin Estes
Vice-President -- Joanna Sorrell
Social Media Outreach -- Lindsey Maxoutopoulis

The purpose of the Belmont Chapter of the National Science Teachers Association is twofold.  The first goal is to promote scholarship in the sciences by creating resources for teachers to use in the classroom. We also plan on hosting demonstrations of science activities and providing tutoring for students both at Belmont and in the broader Nashville community. In doing so, we hope to share the joy of science with others. Secondly, we aspire to link all the science clubs and organizations at Belmont together through our diverse membership.

Find NSTA on Facebook!                  Want to get involved?  Contact Ilyana Ilieva  

2016-2017 Club Officers:

President(s):  Sarah Cannavino (Fall 2016) and Ilyana Ilieva (Fall 2016, Spring 2017)              
Vice-President/Outreach Coordinator:  Christopher Burdette
Secretary/Marketing Director: Mary Barber
Historian: Shannon Kelly

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Danielle Garrett

Chapter membership requirements:

  • Open to all Belmont undergraduate students with an interest in science and/or education
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA overall
  • Attendance at a minimum of fifty percent of meetings
  • Chapter affiliation is received from this Belmont University chapter and members will be required to pay membership dues of $10 per year

National membership requirements:

  • Open to all Belmont undergraduate students with an interest in science and/or education
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA overall
  • Attendance at a minimum of fifty percent of meetings
  • National affiliation is received from the National Science Teachers Association directly and members will be required to pay membership dues directly to NSTA
  • If a member chooses to participate in national affiliation, the chapter affiliation dues will be waived

ReLeafing Day is the Nashville Tree Foundation's fall planting, held every year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  On Saturday, November 21, ReLeafing Day was held in the Northwest Nashville neighborhoods of Bordeaux, Haynes Manor, Haynes Park, in public parks and along Titans Way with the Cumberland River Compact. Volunteers across the county come to plant trees in public spaces and private yards.

Belmont student members of Beta- Beta-BetaECO, and SMACS , along with Dr. John Niedzwiecki, faculty advisor for ECO, participated in the tree planting. They planted four trees with the Nashville Tree Foundation. In partnership with Nashville Electric Service, the Tree Foundation has planted hundreds of trees that coexist with power lines since ReLeafing Day began in 2002. 

releafing       releafing       releafing
Joanna Sorell(L) and Sandra Bojic(R) Dr. Niedzwiecki and club members

Tri-Beta Biological Society Annual Plant Sale

plant_sale plant_sale plant_sale


The annual Tri-Beta plant sale was a big success! The plant sale was held on the McWhorter patio on March 27, 2015 and t
he plant sale profits are used to fund field trips and projects for Tri-Beta. This year SMACS joined Tri-Beta to sell pots for the plants. They also had painting supplies so people could decorate their pots. Everyone was excited to celebrate spring!

plant_sale plant_sale