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Beta Beta Beta Biological Honorary Society

This student organization provides opportunities for students to learn about careers, to have social events, to develop leadership skills, and to provide service to the community in areas of biological importance. Dr. Steve Murphree serves as the faculty advisor for this organization.
2014-2015 Tri-Beta Club Officers
  President -- Katie Keast
     Vice-President -- Morgan Turner
     Secretary -- Brian Song
     Treasurer --  Zara Latif

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Beta Chi

This student organization's purpose is to promote research in the area of biochemistry and molecular biology through seminars and laboratory opportunities, while providing a social setting for networking and volunteering.  Dr. Rachel Rigsby serves as the faculty advisor for this organization.
2014-2015 Beta Chi Club Officers
     President -- Paul Hanna
     Vice-President -- Vickie Lim
     Secretary -- Chris Bowens
     Treasurer -- Jacob Curry
     Historian -- Himesh Zaver

Environment and Conservation Organization (ECO)

formerly O.N.E., Belmont's Environmental Club, provides interaction with students across campus who are interested in environmental issues. Activities include river clean-ups, exotic plant removals, Earth Day awareness events, nature hikes, and environmentally-focused guest speakers. Dr. John Niedzwiecki is the faculty advisor for ECO.

Belmont's ECO is on Facebook Find us there to get more information on events throughout the year.

2014-2015 O.N.E. Club Officers
     President --Katie Keast
     Vice-President -- Lindsay Millward
     Secretary -- Haley Stover 
Theta Epsilon Tau

This Pre-Health Student Association provides instruction and information for students preparing for careers in the health sciences. Dr. Nick Ragsdale serves as the faculty advisor for this organization.  
2012-2013 Theta Club Officers

     President -- Shea Harrison
     Vice-President -- Anderson Webb
     Secretary -- Rachel Hedgepath
     Treasurer -- Crystal LeBlanc

Students Participate in Nashville’s ReLeafing Day

Students from the Beta Beta Beta Biological Honorary Society (Tri-Beta) and Student Members of the American Chemical Society (SMACS) student organizations participated in the Nashville Tree Foundation’s ReLeafing Day on Saturday, November 22nd. Anna Margaret McDonnell, Sonia Kadakia and Katie Keast from Tri-Beta are pictured in the photo at left. Ryan Agh, Sarah Cannavino and Ambrose Rice from SMACS planted three trees, met with Dr. Fisher, and planted their last tree at a Belmont Alumni’s house!

ReLeafing Day is the Nashville Tree Foundation's fall planting, held every year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. This year the volunteers worked in Cleveland and McFerrin Park neighborhoods, Monroe Harding and St. George's Episcopal Church.

Tri-Beta hosts the NERD PROM
nerd prom nerd prom

On Sunday, April 7th from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, the Belmont Tri-Beta Club hosted the first ever School of Sciences Nerd Prom.   Guests wore their nerdiest attire and a fun time was had by all!  The event was a fundraiser for the Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt University. 

Tri-Beta Biological Society Annual Plant Sale

 The plant sale profits are used to fund field trips and projects for Tri-Beta