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Biology Careers

alysonWhat can you do with a Biology major?  When asked this question, many people respond with "teach, become a doctor, work in a park."  While these are fabulous career choices for Biology majors, there are many more options to consider.  One of the websites listed below has identified 580 careers for Biology majors!

Some questions to get you started thinking about the many career possibilities with a major in Biology and where you fit in:

  • Do I like working with people, animals, plants, and/or microbes?
  • Do I want to be in a laboratory, outside (in a forest, field, stream, ocean, or wetland), in a classroom, or in an office? 
  • Do I prefer to work alone, in small groups, or with lots of people?
  • Can I enter this career with a B.S. in Biology or do I need a more advanced degree? 
  • How much additional education or training am I willing to get?
  • What talents do I have that can enhance my biology career? For example:  writing, artistic skills, public speaking, enjoy computers or technology, business or networking savvy. 
  • Do I like details or am I more holistic in my approach to projects and tasks?

The Belmont Career Services http://www.belmont.edu/careerservices/index.html office is an excellent resource for students to explore their interests, talents, and job options. 

The following websites are good starting points to explore career options with a Biology major.

Careers Related to Specific Biological Areas:

Biological Sciences  http://www.aibs.org/careers/
Botany  http://www.botany.org/bsa/careers/
Ecology  http://www.esa.org/
Entomology  http://www.entsoc.org/home
Forensic Science  http://www.aafs.org/resources
Genetic Counseling 
Herpetology  http://www.ssarherps.org/pages/careers.php
Human Genetics  http://www.kumc.edu/gec/prof/career.html
Integrative and Comparative Biology  http://www.sicb.org/careers/index.php3
Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology http://www.simhq.org/careers/career-information/
Marine Biology http://www.peterbrueggeman.com/ocean/career.html
Marine Biology  http://hopkins.stanford.edu/careers.htm 
Physiology http://www.the-aps.org/mm/Careers
Plant Pathology  http://www.apsnet.org/careers/careersinplantpathology/Pages/default.aspx
Zoos http://aazk.org/ 
Zoos and Aquariums  http://www.aza.org/careers-zoos-aquariums/ 
Zoological Parks http://www.seaworld.org/career-resources/info-books/zoo-careers/index.htm

General Resources on Biology and Science Careers

580 Careers in Biology  http://www.eeb.ucla.edu/ugrad_careers.php 
Careers for Biology Majors  http://facweb.furman.edu/~jsnyder/careers/careerlist.html 
Guide to Outdoor/Environmental Jobs  http://www.princeton.edu/%7eoa/jobs/careeroe.shtml 
Information on Biology Jobs  http://www.biologyjobs.com/ 
Environmental Careers Organization  http://www.eco.org/ 
Occupational Outlook for Careers in the Biological Sciences  
Career Planning Resources in Biology   http://www.careercornerstone.org/biology/biology.htm 
Careers in Science and Technology  http://php.aaas.org/programs/centers/careers/index.php