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Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies

bug, beetles, and butterflies campBiology professor Steve Murphree offers school-aged children opportunities to explore the insect world by attending the 'Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies' day camps. An introduction to the biology of insects and other arthropods, the courses will explore how they live, where they can be found and the potential benefit or harm they represent. Short field trips on the Belmont campus will be a part of each course. Children are encouraged to bring in insects each day for discussion. Materials such as field guides and collecting equipment will be provided.

The courses will continue to include an intensive one-week 'day camp-like' experience. Class sizes will range from 10-20 students. All classes will meet on the Belmont University campus and refreshments will be provided. The courses will again be divided into different sessions for younger and older children.

Check back for information on Day Camps for Summer 2015 that will be held at Cheekwood again!

Day Camps Summer 2014 will be held at Cheekwood

In honor of David Rogers' Big Bugs exhibition at Cheekwood, Dr. Murphree's Beetles, Bugs & Butterflies camp will be held at Cheekwood this summer!  The 22nd year of this hands-on camp will introduce campers to the biology of insects and other arthropods.  Short trips through the garden will be taken daily for collecting and observing insects.  Provided materials will include collecting equipment, field guides and art supplies.

Here are some games about insects you can play on the web!

Name That Bug

Bubble Bug