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Oksana Nelson: Operation Christmas Child
10am, Neely Hall
Operation Christmas Child has sent 100 million show boxes to needy children around the world.  Oksana was a Russian orphan when she received her first shoe box.  Along with the toys and games, the box contained a toothbrush, the very first one she could call her own.  Oksana was later adopted by a family in the U.S. and has since become a spokesperson for Operation Christmas Child, encouraging all of us to pack boxes to send to kids around the world.
*Sponsored by the Office of Student Affairs

First Year Seminar Speakers Keren Everett Madora and Kristene Everett Diggins
7pm to 9pm, Curb Event Center
Christian missionaries, Keren Madora and Kristene Diggins lived the experiences written about in our common reading book, Don't Sleep, There are Snakes by Daniel Everett.  Keren has worked with the Piraha for more than 3 decades and Kristene, who grew up as a child with the Piraha and is now a nurse who provides a clinic for the Piraha and other indigenous tribes in the Amazon, will come to campus to talk about their work and lives of service.
*Sponsored by the Office of General Education 

Ian Hutchinson: Science vs. "Scientism"
10am, Neely Hall
Ian Hutchinson is Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering at M.I.T.  He received his bachelor's degree in Physics from Cambridge University and his Ph.D. at the Australian National University.  He is the author of 200 journal articles and the standard textbook Principles of Plasma Diagnostocs, as well as Monopolizing Knowledge: A Scientist Refutes Religion-denying, Reason-destroying Scientism.  He speaks internationally on the relationship of science and faith.
*Sponsored by the College of Arts & Sciences, and the Department of Physics

Through the Eyes of Others: Miss Wheelchair America 2014 Speaks About the "Inclusion Revolution"
6pm, McWhorter Hall Room 110
The Belmont Student Occupational Therapy Association is honored to present Miss Wheelchair America 2014, Jennifer Adams. Miss Adams is a motivational speaker and talented singer. She will be speaking about her platform, the "Inclusion Revolution", and perform a few songs for Belmont's undergraduate and graduate students.  Sponsored by the Belmont Student Occupational Therapy Association.

The Passion, Beauty, and Story of Scripture: The Voice
10am, Beaman A&B
David Capes will talk about the new Bible translation, The Voice. This translation attempts to present the unique voices of the biblical authors with all their personality, passion, grit, humor, and beauty. This new translation focuses on the story of scripture highlighting characters, translating text as drama, and relating the story to contemporary culture. Come learn how people decide to translate the Scripture and the unique approach of The Voice. Free copies of The Voice New Testament will be available for all who attend. This convo is a part of the School of Religion's Living with the Bible series, a convo series that attempts to connect Scripture with contemporary life.  *Sponsored by the School of Religion.

Shaun Groves: Sponsor One Child
10am, Neely Hall
Of the million-plus children sponsored through Compassion International, many thousands have received the spiritual and physical help they need as a result of Shaun's work as a voice for children around the world.  He has won ASCAP Christian Songwriter of the Year and recently released his latest album Third World Symphony.

Guy Gilchrist: "Nancy" & Faith in Comics
Guy Gilchrist was selected to draw Jim Henson's The Muppets cartoon strip and then moved on to do Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, and The Pink Panther.  He now writes and draws the comic strip Nancy, continuing a tradition that began in the 1930s and has become a world wide phenomenon appearing in over 800 newspapers. 
*Sponsored by the Art Department