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Chapel - Mike of MIKESCHAIR
10am, Neely Hall 
Join us to hear from lead singer of MIKESCHAIR and Belmont alumnus, Mike Grayson. He will be sharing his story of his time at Belmont and how God used his training and life experiences to take him to where he is now. He'll also be sharing some of his music.

1999: The Year That Changed Movies
6:30pm, McWhorter Hall Room 102
Entertainment Weekly called 1999 "the year when the whole concept of 'making a movie' got turned on its head." For four consecutive Tuesday nights, we'll screen one of the films from that year and afterwards, Devon Boan, Coordinator of The Artist's Studio in the Honors Program, will lead a discussion of how that film represents a new generation of "interesting and intelligent" filmmaking. The four movies to be discussed are Fight Club (2/4), The Matrix (2/11), American Beauty (2/18), and Being John Malkovich (2/25).

Dwan Hill & Marcus Hill: Created for Creativity Homecoming Chapel
10am, Neely Hall
Dwan and Marcus Hill are brothers and alumni of the Belmont School of Music who have recorded with many major artists including alumna Melinda Doolittle, trustee CeCe Winans, and faculty member Chester Thompson. From the Thunder Bay Canada Blues Festival to leading worship to running their own recording studio, they have used their Belmont education to make a difference for God in the world.
**Co-sponsored by the College of Visual and Performing Arts

BASS Speaker Series "Experiences as a New Actuary"
10am, Hitch Science Building 209
Reid Huffman (Belmont class of 2012) will reflect on his experience as a beginning actuary at BPS&M, including his path to obtaining this position, and discuss his future plans. Come and find out what life is like for a new actuary and see how you can benefit from his experience in your own job search.

Department of Homeland Security: A Firsthand Account of its Creation and First Year
10am, Massey Business Center 100
In this lecture, a homeland security specialist will offer insights on the founding and early days of the Department of Homeland Security. The lecture will include elements of the policy making process in Washington, D.C. and how opposing inter-agency relationships determine political and strategic outcomes.

The PR President: How Ike Transformed Political Communication
10am, Massey Boardroom
As the 2014 Robert E. Simmons Distinguished Faculty Lecturer, Dr. Pam Parry will present a lecture entitled "The PR President: How Ike Transformed Political Communication." Learn how Eisenhower deserves credit as this nation’s most innovative public relations president.

Don Brewster: "Every Day in Cambodia" - Ending Modern Slavery
10am, Neely Hall
Don Brewster is the Founder and Executive Director of Agape International Ministries. In 2005 Don and his wife Bridget left their jobs, sold their house and moved to Cambodia to fight sex-trafficking and minister to its victims. Since then AIM has opened multiple “Rahab’s House” centers in Cambodia, where rescued children receive health care, education and shelter. AIM has also launched the “Lord’s Gym;” an innovative fitness and recreation center that reaches out to pimps and traffickers. The work of AIM has been widely acclaimed, and has been featured in the movie "The Pink Room,” in the award-winning documentary “Nefarious,” and most recently, in the CNN documentary “Every Day in Cambodia.” This documentary, featuring actress Mira Sorvino, aired in December as part of the "CNN Freedom Project.”

Bret Lott: Faith & Writing
10am, Neely Hall
Brett Lott is a New York Times bestselling author of thirteen books, including the Oprah Book Club selection, Jewel. He has served as editor of The Southern Review, Fulbright Writer-in-Residence at Bar-Illan University in Israel, and as professor and writer-in-residence at the College of Charleston.
**Co-sponsored by the School of Religion and the College of Arts & Sciences English Dept.

Student Composers Recital
7:30pm, McAfee Concert Hall
The Student Composers Recital features the best of Belmont School of Music's composers and musicians.

Mark Charles: Third World America
10am, Neely Hall
Mark Charles is a Native American leader who lives at Fort Defiance, AZ, located on the Navajo Reservation. He seeks to understand the complexities of American history regarding race, culture and faith in order to help forge a path of healing and biblical reconciliation for the nation. **Co-sponsored by the School of Religion

Jenell Williams Paris: Soulful Sexuality
10am, Neely Hall
Soulful Sexuality Join us to hear from Jenell Williams Paris to consider how sexuality and spirituality are connected in your life, and what a more "soulful" sexuality -- one infused with God's grace and holiness -- could be. Jenell Paris is professor of anthropology at Messiah College. She is author of "The End of Sexual Identity: Why Sex is Too Important to Define Who We Are" (IVP, 2011).  Part of Sex & the Soul Week.

Christopher Yuan: A Gay Man's Journey to God
10am, Neely Hall
Christopher will share his journey from a gay man to a Bible professor and speaker on faith and sexuality. God has brought him through many trials including being HIV positive, but it is an inspiring story of redemption, grace and transformation. Part of Sex & the Soul Week.

The Navigators: Following God in the Dating Scene and into Marriage
7pm, Beaman Meeting Rooms A&B
Free desserts from Edgehill Cafe and live music from Nashville singer/songwriter Adam Naylor. Followed by a personal testimony from a professor and his wife about following God in the dating scene and into marriage. After they share, text in the questions that you are facing and get straight forward answers. There will also be a brief introduction to the new Navigators ministry at Belmont.

CRU Love Panel
8:30pm, University Ministries Lounge
Join us for CRU's Sex & the Soul Week "Love Panel" - a panel discussion on the topic of love and marriage. We will host three different couples, each in a different stage of marriage and life. Glean wisdom and prepare for your dating relationships and future marriage!

Scratch the Surface 
5:30pm, LCVA Art Gallery
This printmaking show will feature the work of Carrie Cox, Jennifer Haston, Jessica Owings, Lesley Patterson-Marx, Carrie Scanga, and Heinrich Toh.  In conjunction with the second annual Nashville Print Revival, Scratch the Surface is a group show featuring artwork by printmakers deconstructing, collaging, or otherwise ignoring the standard, two-dimensional paper surface of printed matter. During the gallery talk, artists will describe their work and process, and take questions from the audience.

Heidi Weaver: Reconciling Sexual Conflicts
10am, Neely Hall
Join us to hear from Heidi Weaver on Reconciling Sexual Conflicts. Single Christians, whether LGBT or heterosexually oriented, often struggle to come to peace in conflicts between sexual longings, ethics, identity, and behaviors. In the midst of grappling with personal sexual beliefs and impulses, public discourses on faith and sexuality are often lacking in dignity, decency, and civility, causing harm to both sexuality and spirituality. A new model of engaging the ‘other’, provided by Christ’s life, can help us discover that God’s reconciling work applies to our belief and practice of both faith and sexuality.  Part of Sex & the Soul Week.

One Year Diagnosis Anniversary of Betty Wiseman
10am, Massey Business Center 100
Come hear Betty Wiseman tell her story of her successful career at Belmont, her battle against breast cancer and how she has kept God the center of her life. She will show us that even when times get tough, our faith can conquer all.

Bobby Gruenewald: The Bible App
10am, Neely Hall
Bobby Gruenewald’s creation of tech companies and work with start-ups and venture capital firms led Fast Company to name him one of the Top 100 Creative People in Business. As part of his leadership of LifeChuch.tv, he is the driving force behind YouVersion, the Bible app with over 100 million downloads.
**Co-sponsored by the College of Business Administration Center for Business Ethics

2081: The Year We Are Finally Equal
10am, Massey Business Center 103
Have you ever wondered what complete equality would look like? Come see the short film "2081" (based on the Kurt Vonnegut short story "Harrison Bergeron"), followed by a discussion of the political theories involved.