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Beginning in Fall 2008, the year the Town Hall Presidential Debate took place at Belmont University, the campus-wide academic theme was developed to create a sense of community and stimulating dialog among students, faculty and staff.  In addition to the common book read in each First Year Seminar course, there are a wide range of speakers, performances and programs based on the current theme

Students, faculty, and staff are able to submit theme ideas each year and the final decision is made by a campus-wide committee consisting of representatives from all academic areas including, but not limited to the General Education office, the office of Spiritual Development, Student Affairs, and leaders of major events (MLK Week, BURS, Humanities Symposium, etc.).

Previous themes include:
2008-2009   The Art of Being Free
2009-2010   A Paradise Lost?
2010-2011   Invention and Creativity
2011-2012   Wealth and Poverty 
2012-2013   E Pluribus Unum:  Dialogue in the Digital Age