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Parent Services

Student Financial Services 

FAFSA and other Financial Aid Forms:
The FAFSA  can be completed online. Student Financial Services forms are available on our SFS website .

Financial Aid Information:
Belmont Central can answer questions regarding student financial aid  awards.

Student account payments are made at Belmont Central. We accept cash and checks.

Payments by credit or debit card must be made online through https://my.belmont.edu/. Please visit the SFS website for additional payment information.

Tuition and Fees:
You can estimate your student's tuition and fees for the semester by printing a Cost Estimator Form .

Tuition Management Services (TMS):
Pick up a brochure about TMS , an interest-free monthly payment plan, at Belmont Central.


Letter of Good Standing/Verification of enrollment:
Belmont Central can provide a letter of good standing. Students should print a verification of enrollment through myBelmont. 

Additional Services

Declining Points and Bruins Bucks

Q. What are Bruin Bucks and Declining Points?

A. Declining points are funds that are included with a meal plan that must be used in the term in which the meal plan is purchased. In this instance, any remaining declining points will not carry over to the next semester.

Additional funds, called Bruin Bucks are dollar-for- dollar funds that are placed on a student's Belmont University ID card. Bruin Bucks roll over to the next semester of enrollment and do not expire.

  • 500 Bruin Bucks = $500.00
  • 400 Bruin Bucks = $400.00
  • 300 Bruin Bucks = $300.00
  • 200 Bruin Bucks = $200.00
  • 100 Bruin Bucks = $100.00

Q. Where can Bruin Bucks and Declining Points be used?

A. Bruin Bucks and Declining Points can be redeemed at any food service location managed by Dining Services. You can also redeem Bruin Bucks at select off campus restaurants. 

Q. How and when can I purchase Bruin Bucks?

A.  Bruin Bucks can be purchased online at https://my.belmont.edu/.   After logging into https://my.belmont.edu/, students should select "Add Dining Points" option under the "Housing" icon (green icon of left side of page).  Please allow 3 - 5 business days for the activation of Bruin Bucks that are purchased online. Additionally, students can purchase Bruin Bucks using cash, check or credit card in our office at Belmont Central.

Parents can also purchase Bruin Bucks for their students by contacting Belmont Central via telephone at 615-460-5402. Please provide your student's Belmont ID number to assist us with completing the transaction.

Q. Why should I consider more Bruin Bucks?

A. With Bruin Bucks, you have the security of not having to carry cash or credit cards.  Lost cards can be reported at Dining Services and the remaining balance can be transferred onto a new ID card. 

Q. How can I get more information?

A. You may call Belmont Central at 615-460-5402 for additional questions.  You may also visit Dining Services located in the Gabhart Student Center or Belmont Central located on the first floor of Freeman Hall.

Lost or stolen ID cards can be replaced.  Should this happen to you, please contact Campus Security at 615-460-6617.