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Weight Room

The Weight Room offers over 4,154 sq. ft. of free weights, weight machines, and cardiovascular machines; everything you need to help improve flexibility, develop strength, tone muscles, increase cardiorespiratory fitness reduce percentage of body fat, and improve overall health and wellness. 

Weight Room

Equipment includes:

12 Treadmills
12 Elliptical Transport
4 Semi-Recumbent Bicycles
1 Upright Bike
1 Spin Bike
2 Rowing Machines
14 Single-Station Cybex Weight Machines
Cybex Smith Machine
Cybex Squat Press
Pro Style Barbells
Cybex Loaded Leg Press
Assorted Dumbbells with Benches
Crunch Sit-Up Benches
Precise ClubPro Ab Trainer
Cybex Ab Crunch
Medicine Balls
Bosu Balls
Stability Balls
Cybex Multi-station Assisted Chin/Dip, Overhead Press, Cable Crossover, Arm Curl, Chest Press, Roman Chair, Lat Pulldown, and Back Extension Machines