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Asian Studies Faculty
Marty Bell Asian Religions and their practices
Cynthia Bisson East Asia
China, Japan
Asian Studies, History, Study Abroad, Women's/Gender Studies, Study Abroad
Judy Bullington East Asian Art and Architecture
Howard Cochran East Asia
Bangladesh, China, Viet Nam
Business, Economics, Study Abroad
Andy Davis Indian Philosophy, Yoga, South Asian Philosophy and Religion
Peter Giordano Central Asia, East Asia, Southeast AsiaChina, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Viet NamPsychology, Study Abroad
Nathan Griffith East Asia Politics
Ernest Heard Southeast Asia
Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore
Religion/Religious Studies
Qingjun Li East Asia
Asian American Studies, Chinese Language Pedagogy: Chinese, Literature, Women's/Gender Studies, Study Abroad
Ronnie Littlejohn East Asia
Asian American Studies, Asian Studies, Philosophy, Religion/Religious Studies, Study Abroad
Marcia McDonald   East Asia
Asian American Studies, Chinese Literature, Women's/Gender Studies, Study Abroad
Jeffrey Overby Central Asia
Business, Study Abroad
John Paine Japan, China, Literature, Study Abroad
Dan Schafer Central Asia, China, Central Asia, minorities, History
Seraphine Shen-Miller China, Japan, Hong Kong, Cross-cultural Psychology
Andi Stepnick India, South Asia, minorities, social problems
Andrea Stover Japan, China, Literature, Study Abroad
Jonathan Thorndike East Asia, Pacific Rim
China, India, Japan, Tibet
Anthropology, Archeology, Art/Art history, Asian Studies, Environmental Studies, Ethnic Studies, History, Language Pedagogy: Japanese, Media Studies/Film, Population Studies, Religion/Religious Studies, Study Abroad
Marieta Velikova West Asia (Middle East)
China, Hong Kong/Macau, India, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Taiwan, Thailand
Business, Development Studies, Economics, Study Abroad
Dennis Chen

International Business, East Asia, China, Global Supply Chain Management

Naoko Ozaki

Asian Studies and Japanese Language, Cultural Diversity, ESL, Japan studies

Andrew Siao

Chinese language, culture, film

Sehyun Yoo

International Finance, Korean Studies