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Study Abroad

The development of increased knowledge about Asia and familiarity with the history, cultures, and languages of that area is one of the key goals of the Asian Studies program. Through Belmont's Office of Study Abroad (OSA) and other exchange and direct enroll partners, Asian Studies majors and minors have a variety of options to explore Asia, as well as pursue foreign language study through full immersion in the culture.


Belmont in China: China Rising
June 5, 2017 - June 26, 2018
This program introduces you to the extraordinary culture and people of China, including historical, religious, business, and
cultural sites.  Included are experiential activities at the Forbidden City and Great Wall, the Shaolin temple and Longmen Buddhist Grottoes in central China, a visit to FoxConn (maker of iPhones), and other extraordinary places!
AREA OF STUDY:   Asian Humanities (Gen Ed in HUM),  Asian Social Sciences (Gen Ed in Soc Sci), Chinese Language, Psychology (for Gen Ed AND for PSY major/minor),  Doing Business in China and Global Supply Chain Management, as well as Third Year Writing, Religion Junior Cornerstone (also counts for 3000 level Religion requirement), Global Studies, Experiential Learning
CONTACT:  Dr. Ronnie Littlejohn or  Dr. Qingjun (Joan) Li or   Dr. Pete Giordano  or Dr. Dennis Chen
Hong Kong Baptist University (Exchange Partner): Hong Kong, China

Spring/Fall/Academic Year
Hong Kong Baptist University has around 6,600 students studying as full-time undergraduates. English is the medium of instruction for formal classroom teaching, apart from Chinese-related subjects, combining broad-based liberal education with academic and professional vigor.
AREA OF STUDY: Arts, Business, Chinese Medicine, Communication, Science, Social Sciences and Visual Arts
CONTACT:  Dr. Ronnie Littlejohn 

Lingnan University (Exchange Partner): Hong Kong, China

Spring/Fall/Academic Year
As the only liberal arts university in Hong Kong, Lingnan University has 2,700 students.  Most classes are taught in English and Cantonese is the city language.  Students have the option of taking Mandarin Chinese classes.
AREA OF STUDY: Accounting, Chinese Language, Finance, Humanities, Management, Marketing, International Business, Languages, Visual Arts, Economics, Political Science, Sociology
CONTACT: Dr. Ronnie Littlejohn

Zhengzhou Univerisity (Exhange Partner) Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China

Spring/Fall/Academic YearZhengzhou University is the flagship public university of the province with over 46,000 students. It is the only one of China’s prestigious national “Project 211” universities in Henan Province.
AREA OF STUDY: Courses are taught in both Chinese (Mandarin) and English, depending on the department of study. Zhengzhou is an ideal place to improve your Chinese language.
CONTACT:  Dr. Ronnie Littlejohn or Dr. Qingjun (Joan) Li


Tokyo Christian University (Direct Enroll): Tokyo, Japan

Spring/Fall/Academic Year
Tokyo Christian University is the premier evangelical university in Japan and a Belmont Study Partner. Students will enroll at the East Asia Institute (EAI) at TCU.  For students majoring or minoring in Asian Studies, all coursework can count towards those degree programs.
AREA OF STUDY: Japanese Language and Culture, Japanese Studies, Humanities, Social Sciences, Biblical Studies, Theological Studies and Christian Ministry and Field Education
CONTACT:  Dr. Ronnie Littlejohn

Seinan Gakuin University (Exchange Partner): Fukuoka City, Japan

Spring/Fall/Academic Year
Seinan Gakuin University is a Christian university in Fukuoka, Japan and a Belmont Exchange partner. It is consistently ranked as one of the leading private universities in Japan. Its long-established exchange program accepts international students from partner institutions around the world.
AREA OF STUDY: Course content concentrates on Japan, including Japanese Language, Culture, History, Tradition, Business and Politics
CONTACT:  Dr. Ronnie Littlejohn

South Korea

Sogang University (Exchange Partner): Seoul, South Korea

Spring/Fall/Academic Year
Sogang University, a Belmont Exchange partner, is the only Jesuit higher education institution in Korea and is one of the most prestigious universities in Korea.
AREA OF STUDY: Korean language and literature, Humanities, Social Science, Chinese Culture, Japanese Culture, Economics, Business, Art and Technology 
CONTACT: Dr. Sehyun Yoo