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Art Education

Art EducationBelmont’s art education major is all about options.  We recognize that art teachers can teach in public, private, and parochial elementary, middle, and high schools... but they can also teach and/or run programs at art museums, anthropology museums, children’s museums, community arts centers, family support agencies, hospitals, parks & recreation departments, and numerous other organizations. 

The primary goal of our program is to prepare our pre-service teachers for a wide range of teaching possibilities, and our curriculum supports this goal through its focus on the following nine objective threads:

  1. Curriculum Planning and Lesson Development 
  2. Imagery-based Discussion and Critique
  3. Media Exploration and Modification for Classroom Use
  4. Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Art Education
  5. Contemporary Issues, Ideas, and Technology Specific to Art Education
  6. Artistic/Psychological Development
  7. Effective Classroom Organization and Management
  8. Identification of Museum and Community Resources
  9. Assessment Strategies in the Arts

Art EducationUpon graduation, Belmont art education students will be certified to teach art Kindergarten through 12th Grade in the state of Tennessee.  Additionally, the Tennessee license is reciprocal with the K-12 art teacher licensing procedures of 46 other states.

All art education students also have the opportunity to participate in Belmont’s student chapter of NAEA (National Art Education Association).


Art EducationBelmont’s art education major is nested within a BFA degree*, and art education students participate in the same foundational coursework as students in other art concentrations. Belmont’s art education program represents a successful balance of breadth and focus; a balance of art studio, art history, art criticism, and aesthetics; and a balance of educational theory and first-hand teaching experience. 

Sample course offerings:

Introduction to Art Education
Elementary Art Education
Elem. Art Education Practicum
Secondary Art Education
Sec. Art Education Practicum
Contemporary Issues in Art Education
Student Teaching Seminar
Student Teaching Practicum


“I enjoy Belmont’s art education program because of its size.  I get individualized feedback and attention that I wouldn’t at other schools.  I also enjoy the practicums, the ability to meet and work with a variety of art teachers and see a variety of places where art is taught.  I feel very well prepared to teach.” –Hanah Vinson, Art education major

“What I love about the art education department at Belmont is pretty much EVERYTHING! In such a short amount of time you develop relationships with fellow future educators and faculty that you know will last you a lifetime. Since we are such a small community at Belmont we are able to do so much more and form closer relationships than many majors or schools can offer. At Belmont you are guaranteed to be challenged to your full potential while seeking a BFA not just in education but grasping a full range of studio courses taught by some of the most experienced professors in both fields. At graduation you leave with so much more than a diploma, you leave with a full range of experiences and a pocket full of friends!” –Ashley Lehenbauer, Art education major

*Although Belmont does not currently offer a masters degree in art education, the art education program does work in partnership with Belmont’s Education Department to provide a Masters of Art in Teaching with an emphasis in art education.  More information about the art education MAT program may be found at http://www.belmont.edu/catalog_archive/grad2009jun/edu/mat_programs.html

Selected Student Work