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Katherine Benson

Katherine BensonArtist and designer Katherine Benson has a heart for connecting and encouraging other people, and helping students cultivate the “artist’s eye” as a way of personal development. She received her MS in Communication Design from Pratt Institute in 2007 and is currently pursuing an MFA in Film at Lipscomb University. Before coming to Belmont, she taught graphic design classes at her undergrad alma mater Drury University and served as the creative director for a unique coffee house/college ministry. Before discovering her passion for teaching, she worked as a photo studio manager, where she fulfilled various roles from assisting the photographer to graphic design to completing framed photo pieces to hang in clients’ homes. Katherine has a personal inclination to explore, discover, and create - which is manifested in a myriad of ways from different art forms to travel, gourmet food, art history, spending time with people, and/or just being still to ponder.