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Staff Tips

Staff Tips

I would like to add a tip to the "Staff Tips" page

Career success is due to 15% technical skills and 85% people skills.

Those we serve aren't just students and parents.  We give service to each other too.

Service is a deeply embedded concept in Belmont's culture.  It's one of the few "givens" we have. 

Blind transfers are poison to an organization.  When you transfer a call to another person or department, make sure you announce that you are transferring a call and ask first if they are the right one to receive the call.  Save the caller more from even more wasted time and get to the root of helping the them.
You are the first, last, and sometimes ONLY impression people ever get of Belmont University. 

If you answer it, you own it.  If you don't know the answer and no one else is available, advise the  caller that you will find out and return the call soon.  Remember, no one cares whose job it is, just that they need help.  It's All Belmont to them!

Your personal voice mail message should be short and regularly updated so the caller has an idea of when you'll return and that you will call them back.  Hearing this message tells the caller nothing:  "I am either on the phone or away from my office."  You could be on an extended vacation.  It only takes two seconds to change your message to: "I am in a meeting and will return your call after 2pm."

Common courtesy tells us not to pick up a phone when we're in a meeting (unless there is an emergency).  This is the appropriate time for voicemail to pick up if there is no one else who can answer your phone and take a message.  Remember to change your message in advance to tell the caller you will call them back that afternoon.