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Manager Tips

Manager Tips

I would like to add a suggestion to the "Manager Tips" page.

Don't automatically try to "fix" a problem for your staff.  A challenging situation may be a key learning moment and you can go a long way to empower your employees to take control of recurring problems.

Incorporate service training into your regular staff meetings.  Just spending five minutes on gathering employee comments about their recent issues with those they serve can prompt excellent group discussion and they can learn from each other's successful strategies.  Manager's can learn too. 

Coach your employees through tough spells.  Don't assume they come to work in your department with the skills necessary to handle all problems.  It takes a little more of your time to coach but the rewards over time are empowered service leaders in your area.  Avoid taking control when possible.
On the other hand, keep in mind the readiness stages of your employees when leading.  Situational Leadership is a critical component of good management.  Click here for examples of Situation Leadership.