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A brief history of this Belmont Service Initiative

The title of this University Service Initiative, “It’s All Belmont to Me,” originated from the stark realization that each person in the University creates either a positive or negative image of the University by “how” they interact with the people they serve. Whoever it is that is serving someone else in their role as a Belmont employee, whether a Resident Director, an Admissions Counselor, a Faculty member, a Landscaper, or the President, that person is the face of Belmont at that moment.  The service people receive as they interact with each of us has a direct impact on what people think about us and on what people convey to others as they talk about Belmont. It’s all Belmont to them. We are all Belmont to those we serve.

Service is far from “new” to Belmont. It is a rich part of our history. It is this history, combined with our University mission of service and the “Good to Great” concepts, that helped create the belief among many people that Belmont could become even better known for its service to others and each other. Service could become one of those rare distinctive qualities that we could develop to a higher level than other universities to whom we are compared.

After all, Belmont began a journey of service and continuous improvement almost 20 years ago. Belmont Central, Enrollment Services, Towering Traditions, UMAC, Campus Security, Residence Life all emerged as new or improved as a result of this journey. In fact, national and regional commendations underscored the importance of the service and improvement journey:

·         Tennessee Quality Awards came in 1993 and 1994

·         In 1995 came the NACUBO Innovative Management Achievement Award

·         In 1997 we received a RIT-USA Today Quality Cup recognition for quality improvement.

In short, Belmont has the history of quality and service. Now, we have the vision and commitment and the opportunity to build on that history and to be the best in how we serve, to be truly distinctive in our service. The vehicle for moving from good to great in the service arena is the new Service Initiative, “It’s All Belmont to Me.”  It will help us be more intentional in a common language and discipline of service and even better in how we live out our mission. It will help us continue to turn hundreds of transactions and interactions into transformative experiences with Belmont.