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Jennifer's Moment of Truth

Jennifer's Moment of Truth  Listen to Jennifer's radio commercial

I graduated high school and joined the Air Force. I served for six years and was a Command Post Controller. We were the central intelligence agency for the base. I joined in Ft. Lauderdale and then was stationed at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs. I was deployed to Baghdad for six months and spent three years in Belgium where I finished out my enlistment.

 While in the Air Force, I took a couple of online college courses, but I had a very negative experience. I really didn’t learn anything and felt like if I paid my money, then I would get an “A” just for showing up.

After I left the Air Force, I moved to Nashville, which is where my family is from originally. The job I had with a large corporation didn’t seem like it mattered to anyone. I wasn’t making a difference.

When the 9/11 GI bill went into effect, that was my moment of truth.

 I always knew I wanted to go to college, and my parents instilled in me that education is the key to success.

Belmont made it really easy to go back to school. They helped me tailor my degree program. I now have a Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Arts and have been accepted to Belmont’s physical therapy school. I start in August.

The entire experience at Belmont has changed my life. I’m excited about my future, because I’ll be helping people. I’ll be doing my dream job.