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Fiona's Moment of Truth

Fiona's Moment of Truth  Listen to Fiona's radio commercial

It was 2010, my boys were a freshman and a sophomore in high school and had started going out on the weekends. My husband is on the road a lot of weekends performing. I was sitting at home one Friday night, watching nothing on TV, when the thought occurred to me that this would be a great time to have something interesting to study.

Literally, within the next two days, I was driving in my car and heard the Belmont radio ad, “Finish what you started.”

That was my moment of truth.

I started the ball rolling and enrolled for the Spring semester.

I had originally completed one year of college in Dublin right after high school, but then I got a good job in the music industry. That was the end of school!

I had stayed at home with my 2 youngest boys, both in high school now, and had travelled a lot with my husband. I really wanted to get my teeth into something interesting but had no idea what. Going back to school seemed like the obvious choice.

I am majoring in Liberal Studies and am taking as many writing classes as I can.

Already this experience has changed my life. I always had an interest in broadcasting and writing but never could imagine how, or if, they could combine and how I might possibly begin to explore career options at my age.

Because of my success as a student, I have so much more confidence and belief in myself. Through that confidence, I started talking to people about my dreams and at this point, I have started working with a producer at RTE Radio 1, which has the biggest listenership in Ireland. I am writing and broadcasting self-authored pieces, which have been really well received. I have no idea what this might lead to. Regardless, I do know I will finish my degree and will be prepared for any good opportunity that comes my way.