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Braina's Moment of Truth

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Since she was 15 years old, Braina Corke knew she was called to go into the ministry. “ I felt God beckon at my heart and I understood even then that God has a special calling,” says Corke. “My sister tells me that I always said I was different. I just know that I’ve always had a certainty; a clear vision of what God has called me to do.”

Now a mother of two and the Assistant Director of Nutrition for Metro Nashville Public Schools, Corke’s clear vision has been realized: she is both a 2009 graduate of Belmont’s Adult Degree Program in Ministry and an ordained minister.

Corke, whose messages resonate with hope and encouragement, feels a strong responsibility to empower other women through her ministry. She currently mentors young girls ages 13-17 at the Lady Graves Leadeship Academy through her church.

“As my former minister says, we have to hope somebody along,” says Corke.  In 2007, she was selected from a group of 1500 preachers  to speak at the Festival of Women of Color Preachers in Washington, D.C.

Corke's faith has always been strong and certain. Corke and her family were charter members of Temple Church, her home church in Nashville, and her mother, Sheteka Dunlap, is a pastor in North Carolina. She has been highly involved with her local church in the children’s ministry and Christian Education. Husband Rodger Corke is an assistant minister at Temple and Corke says he is her biggest supporter. "He knows ministry is my passion and is supportive, pitching in when and where he can."

After she finished high school, Corke got married and had two sons, Jerome and Jamar, before attending several area colleges. She studied accounting and human resources. “I was trying to find a fit while obtaining a degree," says Corke. She stopped going to college and began working full-time for MNPS in 1998.

"I knew I needed to finish what I started,” says Corke. “I knew my passion was for ministry but what I was called to do needed credentials. With the Bachelor of Science in Ministry program, Belmont had what I needed, fit my schedule and I enjoyed being in class with adult learners.”

“My degree has equipped me to go and do what I’ve been called and charged to do and has given me the certainty that I have the knowledge to do it."

Corke, who would like to be a church administrator, said she made close friends with others in the Ministry program. “We came from different faiths but we all respected each other’s beliefs and gained knowledge from each other in class.”