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Nick Sage

Name: Nick Sage
Year: Senior
Major/Minor: Audio Engineering Technology/Music Business Minor
Hometown: Keller, Texas

Why did you choose Belmont?
After spending almost four years running sound at my church in Fort Worth, I knew that I had an incredible passion for music production. I became very discouraged after falling short of finding anywhere with the engineering program I was looking for. I decided to visit Nashville and take a tour of Belmont and absolutely fell in love with not only the program and accreditations but also the campus as a whole.

Why did you choose to be a Tour Guide?
I was very influenced by my campus tour as a senior in high school and saw just how important of a job that can be for prospective students. I love being able to tell my story and I love trying to help students find a home in Belmont.

What is your favorite on-campus event?
I absolutely love sports on campus, especially the basketball games. The energy in the Curb Events Center is tangible when you are in the student section. I am a very competitive person and I love being able to channel that through our incredible sports on campus.

What is your favorite movie?
Space Jam

What is your favorite song & artist/band?
Long Live - Taylor Swift

What would you want to be your last meal on earth?
Burger Up

What is your favorite Nashville experience?
Live music… all the time.

What is your dream career after graduating from Belmont?
Right now I am working at an audio rental company and am hoping to be touring with artists when I graduate in May 2017.

What is your favorite class that you have taken at Belmont and why?
One of my favorite classes at Belmont was my freshman year, Intro to Recording Technology. This is a very basic audio class but my teacher, Jon Lechner, was absolutely incredible and so passionate about what he was teaching. Rec Tech just increased my passion even more for audio engineering.

If you could go back in time and give advice about college to 16-17 year old you, what would you say?
Don’t blink.