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Brittany Reese

Name: Brittany Reese

Year: Junior

Major/Minor: Theatre Performance/Dance

Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas

Why did you choose Belmont? The people and the environment captured my heart. I wasn’t even seriously considering coming to Belmont until I came to visit, but I found it to be such a wonderful place full of lovely people and I couldn’t get away.

Why did you choose to be a Tour Guide? When people love something or are really excited about it, they want to talk about it to anyone who will listen. That’s me and Belmont. 

What is your favorite on-campus event? Of course I have to say the theatre and dance productions! But truly, they are my favorite. Go see them. You won’t be disappointed! 

What is your favorite movie? Silver Linings Playbook. Or Moulin Rouge. Or The Theory of Everything. Or Cinderella. Oh dear, I can’t choose...

What is your favorite song & artist/band? Last semester Nashville Ballet did a contemporary ballet program and Matthew Perryman Jones and his band played the music. I got hooked and now listen to them...probably far too often.

What would you want to be your last meal on earth? Sweet potato fries with the white sauce from Burger Up. And then anything with chocolate and peanut butter for dessert. 

What is your favorite Nashville experience? I love to get up and go to the pedestrian bridge to watch the sunrise with my best friend. I also spend an obscene amount of time at Frothy Monkey. (A coffee shop) And Las Paletas (a popsicle place) is my favorite. The parks are also really great. I think I just like Nashville.

What is your dream career after graduating from Belmont? I would LOVE to go perform and work in London’s theatre scene. I think I left a piece of my heart there the first time I visited and I’ve wanted to go back ever since.

What is your favorite class that you have taken at Belmont and why? All of my major and minor classes. It might sound silly, but when you have a professor who is passionate about teaching what you’re passionate about learning, every day is your favorite. Do what you love, there’s nothing better.

If you could go back in time and give advice about college to 16-17 year old you, what would you say? I think I would tell myself to chill out a little bit. I believe we’ll all end up where we need to be, and worrying about it doesn’t change the speed of time or make decisions any easier. Trust that. You’ll lose a little less hair, and then you might actually be able to enjoy the process a little bit!