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Faculty Support

Faculty Support

Welcome to Belmont University Blackboard Faculty Support. Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions and links to documents covering several topics to help you create, modify and manage your Blackboard courses.  Feel free to contact Belmont Blackboard Support, Instructional Technology Coordinator, if any additional assistance is needed.

Belmont has recently upgraded from CE8 to Bb Learn Enterprise 9.1.9.  Please see our 9.1 Upgrade page for other FAQ's.


1.  How do I access Blackboard?

Blackboard is available as a link at the top of your MyBelmont account.

2.  How do I add my courses to Blackboard?

Blackboard is integrated with Banner, therefore every course created in Banner will automatically have a course shell on Blackboard.

3.  How do I add students to my courses on Blackboard?

The Blackboard/Banner integration automatically loads students into their Blackboard courses once they have registered through Banner.  The integration will have a slight delay before adding the new information to Blackboard.

4.  Why am I still seeing a student on my Blackboard roster after he/she has withdrawn from my course?

The system does not automatically remove a student from Blackboard courses when the student dropped.  Faculty must compare their BannerWeb roster to the Blackboard Gradebook roster after the drop/add period.  If a student has dropped then you must select that student in the Blackboard User area and click Disable at the bottom of the screen to ensure that the student can no longer view your course.

5.  How can I check to be sure my computer is set up to work properly with Blackboard?

Since Blackboard is a web application you need to check your browser version and settings.  A link to supported browsers is located on our Bb 9.1 page.

6.  What if I am having trouble setting up my course on Blackboard?

Instructional Technology support, is available to assist you with Blackboard training and setting up your courses.  You can contact support at blackboard@belmont.edu

7.  My Blackboard Gradebook has disappeared and there is nothing but a blank white page, what do I do?

This happens sometimes in Internet Explorer.  the recommended workaround is to clear the browser's cache.  Follow these steps:

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Click on Tools
  • Click on Internet Options
  • In the Temporary Internet Files section, click on Delete
  • A Delete Browsing History window will appear.  Click on the 'Delete Files...' button
  • A verification screen will then come up.  Click Yes to delete the files.
  • Click Close, then click OK on the Internet Options window.
  • This will return you to your web page and should have resolved the problem

8.  How do I remove old courses from my Blackboard course list?

You can hide old courses or courses you are not using on Blackboard from your course list to make things easier to manage.  Follow these steps:

  • Click the gear icon in upper right corner of the Course List
  • To hide more than 1 course at a time, place a check mark in the box next to each  course you wish to hide and click Hide at the bottom of the list
  • When done, click the My Blackboard tab at the top of the page to navigate back to your course list

9.  What is Respondus LockDown Browser?

Resondus LockDown Browser is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within Blackboard. Students are locked into the assessment and are unable to print, copy, go to another URL, or access other applications.  Faculty can choose whether or not to enable LockDown Browser within the properties of each assessment in their courses on Blackboard. If LockDown Browser is enabled the students will be prompted to use LockDown Browser to access their assessment.  The students will not be able to access the assessment from any other browser.  Your students can access this document to learn more about how they will download and use Respondus.