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BUid Conversion Project

2007-2008 Belmont University Identification Number (BUid) Conversion Project

Belmont University is committed to protecting the personal information of its students, staff, and faculty and, where the use of such information is necessary, providing safeguards against identity theft. To this end, Administrative Computing and Instructional Technology Director Jill Freeman enlisted key campus constituents to form an Identification Number (BUid) Committee in the spring of 2006.  This group will plan for transitioning from the use of the Social Security number (SSN) as the primary identifier of individuals in the university’s record systems to the use of a new nine-digit BUid number unique to the university. The committee is working to develop a process to convert to the new identifier by Jan 1, 2008.

To implement an alternative identification system designed to safeguard personal information of Belmont students and employees, major changes will occur in the 2007-2008 academic year:

  • Every individual at Belmont will be issued a new BUid sticker for placement on their existing Belmont ID card
  • The number of people with access to SSNs and the number of databases containing SSNs will be reduced significantly

Important dates to remember:
As of 11-26-07 new records were assigned BUids instead of SSN as ID.  As of 12-26-07 all remaining records were converted from SSN as ID to BUid as ID.  Training information is available for Banner users in Banner forms, in BannerWeb and on the HR Training site located in BIC. Review training information in one of these places to learn how to find records in Banner during and after the ID conversion.

Learn more about the project's committee members and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) including how to locate your new BUid.

Available now - A pictorial description of your ID card.

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