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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a BUid?

It is a B number (e.g., B12345678) that is uniquely assigned to your Banner record.  Formerly this value was SSN.  

When will the change take place?

As of 11-26-07 new records were assigned BUids instead of SSN as ID.  As of 12-26-07 all remaining records were converted from SSN as ID to BUid as ID. 

How will I know my BUid?

There are 3 primary ways: 

1. You'll receive a letter with your BUid.
2. You'll have the opportunity to receive a sticker with your BUid.  The sticker will be placed on your current Belmont ID card.  If you lose your card and have a new one reprinted then the BUid will be imprinted on the new card.
3. After 12.26.07 your new BUid will display in BIC after you log in.

Where / When will I receive my sticker?

Stickers for existing card holders will be available for pick up at the following locations:

1. Belmont Central, during regular business hours, beginning January 2.
The Bookstore, 8:30am – 4:00pm, January 7-11.

What should I bring with me when I come to get my sticker?

Students, faculty and staff must have their ID card with them in order to get a sticker.  The sticker has to be placed in a particular location on the card (back of card at the bottom opposite the magnetic stripe).  See our pictorial guide for more information

What else should I know about getting a sticker?

Students cannot pick up stickers for other students.  We are not able to offer free reprints as a result of the ID conversion.  In lieu of a new card containing your BUid, stickers are being offered.

What about ID cards that are printed after the ID conversion?

After December 27, 2007, new cards and reprints will have the BUid printed on the card.

What if I don't have my BUid?

University representatives may ask you for your name, the last 4 digits of your SSN and/or birthdate in order to identify your record in Banner.

I'm a Banner user, how will this change affect me?

Training information is available for Banner users in Banner forms, in BannerWeb and on the HR Training site located in BIC. Review training information in one of these places to learn how to find records in Banner during and after the ID conversion.

I use Blackboard in my classes, how will this change affect me?

Faculty who teach in Blackboard will experience nominal changes.  After the conversion is complete the User ID / Username value that is assigned to each record will change from SSN to BUid. 

I'm a Belmont employee, how can I learn more about safeguarding critical data?

Good data protection practices are documented in the same training document referenced above.  The information is available for Banner users in Banner forms, in BannerWeb and on the HR Training site located in BIC. Review information in one of these places to learn strategies for protecting confidential data.