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Contact Us

Contact Us

Because our work occasionally takes us away from our offices and we value the importance of quality customer service, AT provides an Action Line and an Email Address to facilitate urgent requests from users.

How do I access the Action Line?
For Administrative Computing questions, dial into Belmont's voice mail system at 460-5400.  When the line is answered enter the numbers 1791

What can I expect from the Action Line?
Expect your call to be returned promptly.  Here's how it works.  You'll hear a greeting that confirms you've reached the Action Line and you will be prompted to leave a message.  Be sure to leave your name, a brief description of your issue and a phone number where you can be reached.

Is there an email address for support?
Yes.  This is our preferred method of hearing from you since you can provide more detail than in a voice mail message.  Please be sure to include screen shots of your error and any other pertinent details.  Reach us at