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Administrative Computing

What is Administrative Computing?
The department of Administrative Computing supports Belmont's mission by implementing, managing and maintaining software related to the business of higher education.  The software we support falls into three categories - Banner® Software , Belmont-Tailored Software and Third Party Software .

Ellucian Higher Education Banner® is Belmont's primary Administrative Data System.  It is the system of record for the university.  Banner is an integrated, relational database that runs on Oracle.  It is used to manage data related to Belmont's core business processes and is accessed by users in potentially three different ways: 1) Forms, 2) Self Service (i.e., BannerWeb) 3) Xtender Solutions (i.e., Imaging).  Potential Banner users can learn how to request Banner access.  Approved Banner users can view Banner documentation online.

Banner® Forms
Banner Forms is the primary point of contact for data entry in the system.  Most employees who access the system will use the forms to do their daily work.  Access is available to employees upon request.  Learn more about Banner Forms (including how to request access, how to use Banner forms and what version we are currently running).

Banner® Self Service
Banner Self Service is also commonly referred to as BannerWeb and is available to both internal and external customers via MyBelmont (Belmont's Portal).  The menus available in self service vary depending upon the user's affiliation with the university.  The following menus are available to appropriate users in Banner Self Service: Student Services and Financial Aid, Faculty Services, Employee Services, Financial Services, Alumni Services, Advancement Officer.  Learn more about Banner Self Service (including how users gain access to Banner Self Service, how to access Banner self service and what version we are currently running).

Banner® Xtender Solutions
Banner Xtender Solutions is Belmont's Imaging system and it is available to employees upon request.  It is integrated with Banner and is accessed either through Web Xtender, Application Xtender or Scan Xtender.  Xtender Solutions is an electronic “file cabinet” or document repository consisting of a variety of scanned “images” or electronic documents related to Belmont University departments.   The documents available in Xtender Solutions vary depending upon the user's access level or department.  Learn more about Banner Xtender Solutions (including how to request access, how to use Banner Xtender Solutions and what version we are currently running).

These systems were either written by Belmont staff members or created through a contract with a programmer(s).  Each one mets a specific need that is unique to Belmont University and each is driven by Banner data.

Convocation Tracking Software
Convocation Tracking was written especially to support Belmont's unique convocation program.  Students can view their convocation units via MyBelmont and faculty/advisors can view their advisee's convocation units via the BannerWeb Faculty Services Menu.  The  student affairs office maintains the data used by the Convocation Tracking System.

General Education Tracking Software
General Education Tracking enables access for students, faculty and/or advisors to check student progress toward completion of the BELL Core's Global Studies, Experiential Learning, and Linked Cohort Course requirements.  This system is accessed through BannerWeb

The following software is obtained through contracts with third party vendors.  All of the software listed is driven by Banner data.  Many of the vendors listed below are partners with Ellucian Higher Education Banner®Learn more about Ellucian's Partner Program or peruse the list of partner vendors at the Ellucian Higher Education Collaborative Catalog.

Adirondack is a collaborative member with Ellucian Higher Education®.  Adirondack is Belmont's housing, parking, and judicial Banner-integrated maintenance program.  Staff members of Student Affairs, Safety and Security, and the Office of Residence Life use Adirondack to manage on-campus housing, dining plans, parking, and judicial events.  Belmont students are able to monitor their current room assignments, as well as make future room assignments using the Adirondack web interface.  Parking permits can be requested using an online form.

EMS is a collaborative member with Ellucian Higher Education®.  EMS is Belmont's scheduling system.  It is used by designated staff members to efficiently manage our space for classes, meetings and special groups that may come to campus.  The provost's office coordinates the data used by EMS.

Argos is a collaborative advanced member with Ellucian Higher Education®.  Argos is Belmont's reporting system.  It is used by various staff across the campus to provide standard reports.  All data contained in these reports is pulled from Banner.  The provost's office maintains many of the reports that are used by Argos.

is a collaborative member with Ellucian Higher Education®.  DegreeWorks is Belmont's Degree Audit Reporting System. Degree audit reports are designed to compare the courses that are required for any given degree program with the courses that a student has completed.  The resulting report shows what degree requirements have been met and what, if any, are remaining to be completed.  It will show how the courses you've taken will count toward your chosen degree, major and minor.  Advisors/Faculty and/or students can run a degree audit report via BIC's BannerWeb menus.  The registrar's office maintains the data used by DegreeWorks. 

Evisions is a collaborative advanced member with Ellucian Higher Education®.  The Evisions "IntelleCheck" secure payment solution creates laser checks, e-mails direct deposit statements, and uploads bank reconciliation data into Banner.  The Finance office maintains the data used by Evisions.

People Admin
People Admin is a collaborative member with Ellucian Higher Education®.  People Admin is applicant tracking software that provides web-based systems to automate the employment application and job requisition process.  The HR office maintains the data used by PeopleAdmin.

RTS specializes in remote Oracle database administration for colleges and universities running Ellucian Higher Education's Banner® products.  Belmont currently uses RTS to enable the receipt of credit cards for student bill payment.  Future plans include using RTS to enable the receipt of credit cards for application fees associated with our new online application.  The student financial services office maintains the data used by RTS's bill page and the admissions office maintains the data used by RTS's application fee page.

TouchNET is a collaborative advanced member with Ellucian Higher Education®.  TouchNET solutions streamline student billing and disbursements, enable tuition payment plans, enhance cashiering operations, and promote the development of campus e-commerce websites.  Touchnet is scheduled for implementation during April/May of 2007.  The student financial services office will maintain the data used by TouchNET.