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Banner Xtender Solutions

FERPA and Access to Student Data
Your use of software supported by Administrative Computing and Instructional Technology (ACIT) assumes that you are aware of the university's obligations under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). For clarification on this topic, please view the FERPA tutorial available from the HR website.

FERPA is federal legislation that Belmont University employees are required to follow. Because Banner offers access to student data, it is very important that you understand our responsibilities under FERPA.

How To Use Banner® Xtender Solutions
  1. Complete the FERPA tutorial.
  2. Request Access to Banner.
  3. Talk to your supervisor about how Banner is used in your job.  Take notes during the meeting.  Plan to bring those notes with you to your Banner consultation.
  4. Request a consultation with the Banner trainer.

How to Log On to Banner® Xtender Solutions

  1. Access Banner Xtender Solutions using Internet Explorer at https://imaging.belmont.edu/wx/login.aspx.
  2. Log in with your personal username and password.

What version of Banner® Xtender Solutions are we currently running?