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What Sets Us Apart

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Belmont University's three-year, entry-level program leads to the Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT), which is now the standard entry-level degree of the profession. The success of any physical therapy program is ultimately measured by the success of its students. At Belmont, we will give you the resources and support you need to become an excellent, marketable clinician. In conjunction with your own knowledge, skills and abilities, you will be prepared to excel and contribute to the future of the profession.

The School of Physical Therapy is housed in a state-of-the-art health science complex which includes McWhorter Hall, the Gordon E. Inman Center and the John S. Halle Anatomy Laboratory. You will take classes and conduct research in these facilities with cutting edge classrooms, laboratories, and equipment.

You will be challenged, but also supported, through a rigorous three-year, doctoral-level curriculum. This curriculum provides the theoretical, clinical, and basic science foundation for the critical thinking skills necessary for success in today's dynamic, competitive health care environment.

PT Classroom

You will learn from a highly qualified faculty, who are experienced in a wide range of clinical specialties including orthopedics, sports medicine, pediatrics, neurological, geriatric, and cardiopulmonary physical therapy, and who are dedicated to you and your educational and professional aspirations.

You will participate in varied clinical experiences, 38 weeks total, from more than 300 sites located across the country and around the world.

Finally, you will build lasting relationships with faculty, staff, and other students, who are bound together by one primary goal, excellence in patient care through compassionate evidence-based practice.

At Belmont, the facilities, curriculum, faculty experience, and clinical education sites compare with the best and most established PT schools in the country.

But what makes the School of Physical Therapy at Belmont University such a unique, special place is much more than the degree we offer. It's our people. . .

. . . It's the faculty member who is genuinely glad to help you and who will call you by name not long after the first semester begins.

PT Graduation

. . . It's the student research group that works late into the night asking, and answering, those important questions that will end up furthering the profession.

. . . It's the clinical educator who may well comment on the great job you are doing and how well Belmont must have prepared you for the clinic.

What makes PT education at Belmont University such a unique experience?

                                                                 It's you!

School of Physical Therapy
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