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Immunization Requirements

The information listed below is to assist incoming Occupational Therapy students with completing and submitting the required immunization records to Belmont University and the School of Occupational Therapy.  Some School of Occupational Therapy requirements differ from the University’s, many of these are due to requirements of clinical training sites used in the School of Occupational Therapy’s Fieldwork Education.

All OT students must comply with the exact requirements set forth below.  Once submitted, the School of OT will retain a copy of each student’s record to verify health and immunization compliance and to satisfy any audit requests from site administrators.  All students are required to retain a copy of any submitted documentation for their own personal records as well.  These requirements are not only for the health and safety of our students but also for the safety of the patients they will be serving outside of the University.

Students must complete the following steps to properly submit health record information:

          •  Complete the Belmont University Online Medical History and Immunization Form
              through your Belmont student portal.
                  -Log into your MyBelmont account
                  -On the left hand side, click on the folder that says "Personal Records" then "Health Portal"

          •  Please obtain a paper copy of all immunizations along with lab reports or any titers received. If you
              have had chickenpox in the past, you must provide lab documentation of the titer
              results or proof of the immunization.

          •  Complete a 2 – Step TB Skin Test with your healthcare provider using the
              2 - Step Skin Test Form.  Arrangements can be made with Belmont University
              Health Services to complete this test.  A simple one step test is not acceptable.

          •  Make a photocopy of your personal health insurance card

          •  Submit copies of all four documents above to the School of Occupational Therapy at
              the address below.  Only the completed immunization section - not medical history -
              from the online form is required and can be printed separately for submission.

              Send to:
                         Belmont University
                         School of Occupational Therapy
                         Attn: Katie Wray
                         1900 Belmont Boulevard
                         Nashville, TN 37212-3757

All documents must be submitted by July 31, 2015.

For questions regarding the Online Medical History and Immunization Form:
Belmont University Health Services
1900 Belmont Boulevard
Nashville, TN 37212-3757
Phone 615-460-5506
Fax 615-460-6131
Website: www.belmont.edu/healthservices

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