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Registration of Motor Vehicles

A. All vehicles owned and operated on campus by employees or students of Belmont University must be registered with the Office of Campus Security and display an appropriate parking decal permanently affixed to the lower left corner of the rear windshield. Convertibles and other vehicles, which, by design, prohibit affixing in this manner, may display the decal on the left portion of the rear bumper. Registration must be completed online and the permit obtained at the Office of Campus Security Communications Center in the Gabhart Student Center.

B. Parking decals must be affixed as designed and may not be taped or attached in a way that allows for easy removal. The Chief of Campus Security must clear any exceptions to this rule.  ANY ALTERATIONS TO THE PERMIT NULLIFIES ITS BEING CONSIDERED A VALID PERMIT AND WILL RESULT IN THE APPROPRIATE FINES FOR NO PARKING PERMIT!

C. Vehicles should be registered during the week of academic registration, Fall Semester, but arrangements can be made to obtain a decal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Vehicles found on campus without a parking decal within a week after fall registration will be cited unless other arrangements have been made with the Office of Campus Security.

D. Persons desiring to operate a vehicle on campus on a temporary basis are required to obtain a temporary or guest-parking permit from the Office of Campus Security. Visitors can obtain a permit from the department being visited. Temporary and guest parking permits will be issued for no more than a week.

E. Motorcycles, mopeds and scooters should be registered with the Office of Campus Security so that the owner can be notified if there is a problem. Display of a parking decal is not required.

F. Students whose parent or spouse is employed by the university may not display a faculty/staff parking decal on the vehicle the student normally drives to class.

G. Students and employees qualify for one of eight types of parking decals:

A - Faculty/Staff

B - Belmont Commons

C - Commuter Students

D - North Garage, Levels P-3 and P-4 ONLY (Patton and Bear House)

E - Curb Garage, Levels 1 – 2 ONLY (Potter Hall only)

F - Hillview Only (Wright, Maddox, Thrailkill, Kennedy, Bruin Hills, Hillside, Dickens, and Horrell)

G - Alumni

H - Special Permits (cafeteria workers and anyone else designated by OCS)

K - Baskin Center Garage Only, Levels P3 - P5 ONLY (Hail, Heron, Pembroke)

If a student moves from one sticker type residence to another, the Office of Campus Security will replace the old sticker. However, the student is responsible for coming into the Office of Campus Security and obtaining the correct decal.

H. Student workers will not be issued Faculty/Staff decals. Only employees paid from Faculty/Staff payroll are issued Faculty/Staff decals.

I. A parking decal does not guarantee a place to park; it is merely permission to park on campus.