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How the process works.

Appeals may be submitted up to thirty days after the citation is issued. After thirty days, the citation is submitted for billing and is no longer eligible for appeal. You must have your copy of the ticket to submit an appeal. The person with the traffic violation cannot be represented by an attorney or use witnesses to state his/her case.

First parking ticket: Either pay in Belmont Central or follow procedure below:

The first citation for any violation other than parking in a handicapped space, fire lane, reserved space, or visitor space can be reduced to a warning by taking a test regarding the understanding of Belmont's traffic rules and regulations. You must notify the Office of Campus Security by e-mail at citation@belmont.edu if you wish to take the test and your name, BUID number, and ticket number must be included in the body of the e-mail. This e-mail should have "Parking Test" in the subject line. You will be notified if you are eligible and given instructions on how to complete it. If you do not have access to e-mail, you must address this issue with the Administrative Captain for the Office of Campus Security.

First violations for parking in a handicapped space, fire lane, reserved space, or visitor space can be appealed using the process below, but are not eligible to be reduced to warnings by taking the test.

NOTE: Parking Test may only be taken once per academic year. 

Second parking ticket: A traffic citation, once issued, can only be dismissed or excused by the Student Justices associated with Judicial Services. In some special or unusual circumstances, the Chief of Campus Security may void a traffic citation. Either pay in Belmont Central or file appeal below:

  • Appeals must be submitted in writing using the designate form (click here) and may be submitted either in person at the Security Communications Center in the Gabhart Student Center, or via email to citation@belmont.edu
  • The appeal will be reviewed by the Student Justices associated with Judicial Services.
  • Ruling will be returned to Office of Campus Security and you will be notified of decision. If you disagree with this ruling, you may request to appear before the Justices to state your case directly. This must be coordinated with the Administrative Captain and Student Affairs.

 Note: Your account will be billed for the parking ticket at the time it is issued. If the appeals process warrants a refund, a credit will be issued to your account.