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Ellen Goebel

Ellen GoebelSince 1996, Ellen has been on adjunct faculty, teaching classes and private lessons for Belmont University's School of Music. She has taught everything from pop/rock vocal styles to advanced contemporary instrumental arranging.

When Ellen is not on campus, she is one-half of Worldwide Groove Corporation, a full-service music production team specializing in music production, string arranging, and remixes. Though Ellen is one of the few “chick producers” in the music industry, her ability to produce and program her own musical ideas is more than just a novelty. Ellen has produced and arranged for projects on major labels as well as working with budding young talent fresh on the music scene.

In 2007 Worldwide Groove Corporation released their own CD titled “Chillodesiac Lounge vol. 1: Fever”. This collection of old jazz standards reinvented into a downtempo electrolounge style was so well received by the downtempo music scene, they had already obtained 10 song licenses and global internet radio airplay before the record was even released. Their instrumental "Smoke & Mirrors" ended up as the number one song on the Sirius XM Chill station for several weeks in 2010.

One a different note, if you were to listen to one of Ellen's big band swing arrangements, you would never guess that she lives in Nashville. Ellen is such a natural at big band arranging and composing that she was nationally recognized for her talents in the 8th Billboard Song contest jazz category, where her original big band song "Anyway" captured 3rd place. She is equally polished at composing string arrangements, as is evident on Third Day's "Christmas Offerings" album released in 2006 [Essential Records]. And in July of 2004 Ellen's unique production and arranging approach caught the attention of the organizers of the Belluard Bollwerk International festival in Switzerland where they presented and discussed 3 of her works with festival attendees. Additionally, Ellen made her TV debut in February of 2004 as a professional songwriter for the pilot of CMT’s show “Score”.

In 2010 Ellen served as the executive producer for the "For Nashville: For Haiti" benefit compilation CD to raise funds for earthquake and flood relief. This 30 song compilation featured tracks by over a dozen Belmont Alumni, as well as tracks by better known artists like Dave Barnes, Kevin Max [DC Talk], and Hot Chelle Rae.

How did Ellen learn to do so many different things? She attended Belmont University's School of Music where she graduated as a voice major with a Bachelor of Music degree, emphasizing in commercial composition and arranging. Then she headed south to the University of Miami and earned a Master of Music degree in their exclusive Media Writing and Production program focusing on music production, arranging, and orchestration.

Contact: ellen.goebel@adjuncts.belmont.edu

Website: http://www.worldwidegroovecorp.com