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Music Therapy Major

Music Therapy

Belmont’s Music Therapy undergraduate program offers a blending of classical and commercial music elements- a unique feature among Music Therapy programs, taking advantage of our strong musical diversity at Belmont. To learn more about what music therapists do, visit the American Music Therapy Association website: www.musictherapy.org/faq.

Post Baccalaureate Equivalency

Belmont University School of Music is proud to offer a Post Baccalaureate Equivalency in music therapy for students with OR without undergraduate degrees in music. See our courses of completion required for the Equivalency here.

Are you interested in Post Baccalaureate Equivalency and you have completed an undergraduate music degree (performance, education, composition, etc.)? Click here!

Click here if you are interested in Post Baccalaureate Equivalency if you have NOT completed an undergraduate music degree.

Curriculum Checklists

Music Therapy - Instruments

Music Therapy - Keyboard

Music Therapy - Voice

If you are interested in the Music Therapy undergraduate program, we offer the following options to complete the audition requirement:

1. Complete a classical audition for your principal performing area.  Refer to the Audition Requirements for your principal and select one of the classical majors- such as Music with an Outside Minor- for instructions.

2. Complete a classical audition for your principal performing area and also perform an optional commercial selection.  (This would mean that you would complete the entire classical audition for your performing area and also perform an optional commercial selection.)  For the optional commercial selection, the genres/styles include: Jazz, Country, R&B, Pop, Light Rock, Contemporary Christian, and Musical Theatre. 


Note to those auditioning as Voice Principals:

  • Students who are using an accompanist provided by the School of Music must provide full sheet music in the proper key. No lead sheets or chord charts allowed. Accompanists will not transpose or improvise. 
  • Students may not accompany themselves for the audition, but may put their own accompaniment on a CD to play with their audition.

If you have any questions, please contact Maren Bishop  in the School of Music at maren.bishop@belmont.edu