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Thinking About a Graduate Music Degree?
At Belmont University You Can Have It All!
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Master of Music degrees in: Church Music, Commercial Music, Composition, Music Education, Pedagogy, and Performance.

Belmont's School of Music offers its students the best of both worlds - a large high-powered music program, offering a variety of professional graduate degrees, in a small, liberal arts setting. Located at the end of historic Music Row near the heart of Nashville, Belmont's quiet, neighborhood campus provides a peaceful, inspiring environment for musicians to practice and learn. Piano - Graduate Degree

Our nationally recognized faculty is here to offer personal support and guidance to each student in the program - this means that your seminars and classes are kept small to allow professors to work with you one on one. In addition, our mentoring committees work to nurture each musician in the program and guide them towards challenging and rewarding programs of study.

With dozens of showcases and performances every semester, Belmont offers abundant performance opportunities to its students. Of course, if you study at Belmont, you will be living in Nashville, Tennessee - a city with unparalleled opportunities for musicians of all kinds.

The Belmont University Master of Music Degree includes six majors: Church Music, Commercial Music, Composition, Music Education, Pedagogy, and Performance. Each of the strong musical and academic curricula consists of 34 total hours. The Master of Music is designed to be completed in two (2) years; students have up to six (6) years to complete the degree. Graduate students in each major are required to successfully complete comprehensive written and oral examinations as well as a culminating project. Culminating Project track options vary according to the major and include: (a) lecture recital track (includes a research paper), (b) full recital track (includes a recital paper), (c) thesis/project track, and (d) recording project track (includes a production paper).

Graduate Violinst

We invite you to take some time to investigate our Web site and see what great opportunities await Belmont graduate students. (Click here to view our graduate music catalog.)

Please feel free to contact us or visit our campus if you would like to learn more about our programs.