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MM Pedagogy

Students entering the Pedagogy Major seek specialization in the teaching of their particular performance area.  An important emphasis is placed on excellence in performance as well as excellence in teaching.

Pedagogy majors are interested in establishing private teaching studio businesses and/or teaching in community colleges. Some will continue graduate study in doctoral programs leading to college and university teaching positions.

Pedagogy courses include two semesters of pedagogy and one or two semesters of supervised teaching. Applied study and repertoire are also part of the major. Supporting music courses include research, theory, and history.

Minimum requirements for our masters of voice performance and voice pedagogy are to have one term of diction in the following languages; French, Italian, English, and German. It is also highly recommended that applicants have one year of language study in French, German, and Italian. Review work may be required during the first year if diction is found to be deficient.

Pedagogy majors are required to successfully complete comprehensive written and oral examinations. The culminating project is a choice of either the lecture recital or the thesis/project track.

MM Pedagogy / Voice Checklist
MM Pedagogy / Keyboard Checklist
MM Pedagogy / Instrumental Checklist

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For further information on our various graduate programs, contact Dr. Kris Elsberry, Director of Graduate Studies (615-460-8111).